Saturday, March 12, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: Spring Forward Edition

The FMJRA returns today with spring in the air and my calendar still so chock full I can barely catch a breath.  We have a slower day today, however, and I plan to make the best of it.  Our run started several weeks ago with the start of Mardi Gras; parades and events have consumed the last three weekends.  This evening we have a surprise party to attend, next weekend a trip to Dallas and a Stars game, and then maybe we can squeeze in a trip the weekend after that to Minden and see what new treasures Milly has in store.

My list of Things to Do is overwhelming and I don't know where to even start.  But I have some basic domestic issues to attend to here at the SIGIS home base and would like to get some yard things done, too.  Fingers crossed.

I love spring.  Baseball is coming.  St. Patrick's Day (and green beer at Hangar 2!) is this week, there are 9 more weeks until summer, and I love the warm, lazy days ahead!   Don't forget to spring forward tonight and set your clocks for Daylight Savings Time.

On another note, all the news from Japan continues to be horrible.  Let's round up some links and see what's going on in the blogs:

Legal Insurrection exposes (again) the bias of PolitiFact.

Pirate's Cove reminds us why Jesse Jackson is irrelevant.

Doug Ross has some stunning images from Japan.  The power of nature, indeed.

The Other McCain takes a look at Obama's press conference yesterday.  If that's what you want to call it.

American Power finds yet another example of civility from the left.

For your musical interlude, Reaganite Republican remembers Three Dog Night.

Ed Driscoll notes that Peggy Noonan continues to alienate conservative readers.

Fenway Nation has been posting excellent coverage of the disaster in Japan.

No Sheeples Here made me snicker - Harry Reid, cowboys, and Brokeback?  OMG.

WyBlog has had enough of Lisa Murkowski, not to mention the RNC NRSC and NRCC.  (Hope you're staying dry up there, man!)

Pundette was linked by Mark Steyn, and with good reason; this is a spot on post.

Mind Numbed Robot has a mind numbingly huge roundup but worth every link!  Good stuff!

Critical Narrative points out that gas prices have risen 67% under Obama. 

Pecan Corner links to a new blog about Paris; it's on my list to check out.

Please do NOT ask Bride of Rove for a restaurant recommendation in the Keys.  Bwahahahahaa!  She cracks me up.

I've got to get moving.  I have to plant some Hollyhocks, shampoo carpets and finish grading To Kill a Mockingbird finals so I can enter report card grades.

Have a great Saturday!

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Fenway_Nation said...

Ah yes....I remember the Stars' last game against Boston. I think even the most dispassionate NHL observer would:

3 brawls (two of them before 4 seconds ticked off the game clock) and 2 goals in the first 2 and a half minutes. Boston and Dallas don't play each other that much- I'd expect to see that sort of animosity between the Bruins and Flyers or Canadiens, but not a team they only play once every year or two....

P.S. Thanks for the piping hot linkage