Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Fork You Say!

Those dastardly, insidious Republicans on Capitol Hill are doing everything they can to undermine the Democrats, right down to taking away their compostable cups and utensils at the three House cafeterias.

Viva the return of plastic cups and forks!  Foam containers!

Under the tenure of Nancy Pelosi, the House food vendors began using "green" eating utensils and cups, but the Republicans complained that these biodegradable items didn't hold up, saying "the spoons would often dissolve in hot liquids, and forks and knives bent and snapped"  According to reports from Capitol Hill, the forks couldn't even penetrate lettuce.  Shocking!

And so, the Republicans have brought back the foam.  The plastic!

“Contrary to the objective of the program,” said Salley Wood, the spokeswoman for Representative Dan Lungren of California, chairman of the House Administration Committee, who moved to end the program, composting “failed to produce significant savings in carbon emissions.” On that score, she said, the total savings were equal to taking one car off the road per year. 

Yet again, proof that "green energy" is more expensive?   Miss Wood says the program was more expensive than the foam 'n plastic program:

The program took $475,000 each year from the fees that the House collected from the food vendor, Restaurant Associates, between the materials, labor and costs of hauling refuse out.

Pelosi's office is not pleased.

Advice to enviro-conscious libs in Congress?  Bring a baloney sandwich in a brown paper bag. 

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