Friday, April 13, 2012

Loose Thoughts for Friday

I've been busy this week, thus the light posting.

I was asked to read Michael and William Henry's newest book, Atmosphere of Violence, and offer feedback and that kept me busy the front part of the week.  The book is wonderful and I'll put up a review this weekend.  You can get it now on Kindle for just $2.99; for that price you just can't go wrong.  If you like early John Grisham, you'll love this series.

I've also had several other irons in the fire this week one of which has been campaigning for Mike Grady to perform at the Highland Jazz & Blues Festival this fall.  I'm lobbying the booking committee to get him on the bill.  Grady has expressed interest in the idea and I think it would be great fun!

I've been keeping up with Barrow Peacock's insurance bill (SB655) in which he was attempting to pass legislation to require electronic or telephone verification of insurance coverage in the case of an automobile accident.  I have it on reliable source now that the bill has been killed in committee; as it happens, La. Senator Ronnie Johns of Lake Charles, who is with State Farm, and other insurance agents didn't want the bill to go through.  Go figure.  Irony in action: State Farm is currently ponying up the expenses for my son's auto accident in February because the other driver was uninsured.  Lame.

Meanwhile, in the blogosphere, my stats are in the cellar.  Good thing I don't obsess about that anymore or else I'd just turn out the lights.  I check 'em every now and then, but hey...when you can't post every day, all day, that sort of thing happens.

But since I blogged last, Rick Santorum dropped out of the race which for all intents and purposes (Newt is still technically in, and Ron Paul), means Romney is assured the nomination.  So now that we're down to a two man race and we've got our ducks in a row, what is everyone talking about?  Why, whether Ann Romney has ever worked, of course.  Whether or not raising five kids constitutes "work."  Who cares?

No disrespect intended to anyone, but aren't there more relevant issues we need to be worrying about with a critical election coming up in less than 8 months?  We've got half of the Memeorandum aggregation filled with Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney, and "the war on women"?

I've all but quit checking Drudge; he's been so blatantly Romney for so long now I got bored with that; then every banner headline was about the Trayvon Martin case often with intentionally misleading and inflammatory headlines.

I've grown weary with Hot Air, too.  Just about the only writers I enjoy reading over there are still Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit.  Since the sale to corporate it just hasn't been the same.

I miss Bride of Rove's voice of reason (she will laugh at that description).  I wish her job-life would settle and she'd get back to regular posting.

 Oh well - it's the weekend.  Five more weeks of school for me.  One of the things I'm going to be doing this summer is working on the blog (and elsewhere)  to fight against Obama's re-election.   We've got some very serious issues ahead of us and if that means coalescing behind Mitt Romney then that's what I'm going to do.

My advice to Romney right now?  Be very wise and forward thinking when you select a VP candidate.  Much depends on that choice.

That is all.

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Tina said...

Well fiddle. I don't have an eReader so I'll have to... (can't believe I am saying this)...wait for it to come out in paperback!

The news is all always depressing so I avoid it when I can. I stopped reading Hot Air long ago because I won't read any place that doesn't let me comment. Even Glenn Reynolds at least reads my (very occasional) little notes! :-D

Here in Texas we still have our primary coming up, so there's one last hoorah for the parties. In my town the primaries are in the same location on opposite sides of the room. One side always has a long line, on the other side the poll workers bring their knitting! Heh!

Enjoy the final weeks of school. We'll wait patiently for your "Take a Trip" and antiquing posts. Those are always a delight. :-)