Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornadoes Devastate the Midwest: April 2012

We've been watching the tornado coverage today: Mr. SIGIS is from Iowa and has lots of friends and family there.

An aggregation of coverage:

From the Des Moines Register, here's a photo gallery of damage and cleanup in Des Moines.

The damage in Creston, Iowa was pretty serious.  Here is the Des Moines Register gallery of Creston damage.

The Creston News Advertiser reports that the sirens never had a chance to go off:

The sirens never went off.
“We didn’t receive any warning,” said Creston Police Chief Paul Ver Meer. “The first call came in that the hospital’s been hit when the tornado was on the ground.”

Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported.

This photo is from a friend who works in the hospital in Creston:

It's a real mess in there:

Here's one more:

There's more on Creston and more photos here, at the Facebook page for Creston News.

It has been reported that 75% of Thurmon, Iowa was destroyed by the storms.

More on Thurmon here, and video.

Go HERE to see a huge aggregation of photos of damage in Wichita, Kansas and in Thurmon, Iowa.  Video also.

Oklahoma wasn't spared either; here's video of two tornadoes in northwestern Oklahoma yesterday:

Meteorologist Jim Cantore is tweeting from Thurmon, Iowa and shares this picture of a "storm weary beagle" resting in their satellite truck.

Here are some wicked AP photos of yesterday's storms.

This video was shot in south central Kansas by Greg Johnson at Torndao Hunter:

More as it develops.

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