Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Link Fest

What else are you going to do on Mother's Day but sift through the blogosphere and see what everyone is talking about?

Donald Douglas is enjoying a Newcastle (and apparently some nacho Doritoes) while linking to a bizzaro beer label story.  I, myself, am enjoying a Samuel Adams Latitutde 48 IPA.  No Doritoes.

Ed Driscoll is also on a beer theme and I hope he's not drinking ... through his ear.

Sticking with the bizarre for a moment, Saberpoint has the story of "Naked Pope Girl."

The Daley Gator is foreseeing Jay Carney's next job (which may come sooner than Carney actually intended if he continues to stick to the "stylistic changes" line on the Benghazi talking points.)

The Lonely Conservative is neither star-struck nor falling for that "North Star" malarkey.

Doug Ross has the damming Benghazi timeline and comes to some chilling conclusions.

Legal Insurrection has the latest on "IRS Targets the Tea Party" story.  Like Benghazi, it's getting stinkier and stinkier.

Bungalow Bill suspects all those IRS agents are just playing on Facebook, anyway.

You want to live to be 100?  Here's your "to do" list, courtesy of Troglopundit.

Over at Pirate's Cove we have...cow memes?

The Foundry reports on the Louisiana Supreme Court's upholding a lower court ruling invalidating Governor Bobby Jindal's school voucher program.

Sister Toldjah has a feel-good story (and video) of the installation of the spire on One World Trade Center.

Oh, and by the way, today isn't "Mother's Day," it's "Parent 1" Day.  See Wyblog.

My friend Nico has been posting about his recent family trip to Holland; Nico is the son of Holocaust survivors and grew up in Holland.  His posts are fascinating.

The blogosphere lost a bright light last week and Mind Numbed Robot pays tribute.

Dan Riehl reports that local authorities in Virginia have plenty of questions about the Boston Bomber's burial there.

That's going to wrap it up for this linky-love-fest.  I'm off to celebrate Mother's Day.  By doing yard work.  Yeah, well.

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