Thursday, May 2, 2013

Noonan: "He's not a lame duck, he's just lame."

Oh my.

Peggy Noonan is so over Obama:
I think we're all agreed the president is fading—failing to lead, to break through, to show he's not at the mercy of events but, to some degree at least, in command of them. He couldn't get a win on gun control with 90% public support. When he speaks on immigration reform you get the sense he's setting it back. He's floundering on Syria. The looming crisis on implementation of ObamaCare has begun to fill the news. Even his allies are using the term "train wreck." ObamaCare is not only the most slovenly written major law in modern American history, it is full of sneaked-in surprises people are just discovering. The Democrats of Washington took advantage of the country's now-habitual distractedness: The country, now seeing what's coming in terms of taxes and fees, will not be amused. Mr. Obama's brilliant sequester strategy—scare the American public into supporting me—flopped. Congress is about to hold hearings on Boston and how the brothers Tsarnaev slipped through our huge law-enforcement and immigration systems. Benghazi and what appear to be its coverups drags on and will not go away; press secretary Jay Carney was reduced to saying it happened "a long time ago." It happened in September. 

I could say that we warned her, but that would be pointless.  At any rate, she's right.

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Bill said...

I agree with everything Peggy said but still not convinced that enough of the American people pay attention enough to realize all that is wrong with his leadership. If they did pay attention, he would never have been elected in the first place much less twice. A lot of folks thought it was cool to vote for a young black man regardless of what his senate voting record was. I believe that it will be the same in 2016 with Hillary. Cool to support a woman. Never mind that she is probably as far left as Obama. I suppose if they were the only two choices I had, I would pick Hillary.