Monday, May 13, 2013

Take a Spontaneous Mother's Day Trip To Jefferson, Texas

Yesterday was just too gorgeous to stay inside.  I've been fighting off a cold and sinus infection for a few days and haven't felt up to par but I just couldn't stay on the couch with such a great top-down day in progress.

So, we pulled the top down on the Jeep and hit the road with no particular destination in mind.  We ended up in Jefferson, Texas.  It's only about 45 minutes or so from here yet it feels like you're far, far away.

I've posted a million times about Jefferson trips so I won't bore you with the same old pictures.  I really wanted a chance to try out my new camera though.  (I cracked the old Kodak Easy Share on the recent trip to Frisco.)   I upgraded to a Canon Rebel T3i; it's probably more camera than I really need for what I do, but I'm going give it a shot.  I really wanted an SLR so that's why I went that direction.  I have a lot to learn about it, though.  First think I want to figure out is why the pictures are not in order on my removable data card.  They're all mixed up.  And not all the pictures I took are on their; I probably didn't operate the shutter correctly.  It's a steep learning curve for this auto-everything kid.

Anyway, we stopped on the way over at the Texas welcome center to pick up some literature that might inspire us to new day trip destinations.

We picked up a bag full of brochures and guides, bought a coke, and got back on the road.

Once in Jefferson we wandered into a couple of shops and meandered around town for a while.  I covet all this Jadeite.

That ball pitcher in the back?  Only $600.00.  Yea, so, it's still there.

This same store sells heavenly fudge and they even make some flavors in a sugar free version:

It's also the store where I get my dark chocolate covered espresso beans!

We headed over to The Excelsior House, our favorite hotel in Jefferson, because we wanted to make reservations for a date in June when Soulfish Blues Band will be playing at Auntie Skinner's. We walked right up to the desk and reserved our favorite room without a hitch.  That just doesn't happen, okay.  I mean, that room is always booked far in advance, especially during June.  We felt very lucky!

Here's a shot of the lobby:

At The Excelsior, when you check in, they give you a room key (which is a real key, not a plastic card!) and a key to the front door of the hotel; they lock the door at nine or so.

This is the courtyard at The Excelsior; our favorite room is that one on the left with all the windows; it has a sun room with a wooden screen door that opens onto the courtyard.

To celebrate our good luck we went a couple of doors down to Auntie Skinner's for a cool beverage.

We met some nice folks while sitting at the bar.  Auntie Skinner's is loaded with atmosphere and good people come there.

After commiserating about the lack of IPAs at Skinners, our new friends encouraged us to stop by The Cork Yard which has been open for about a year.  It was very good advice!

It was just about the perfect place to be on a spring Sunday afternoon.  If you were hungry you could have boiled crawfish or order off the menu.  Two pages of the menu was just beer!

I tried two different IPAs; I preferred the second one:

The proprietor of the place was very friendly and welcoming.  He ran up and greeted everyone that came in.  There was live music and he got up and sang a couple of songs with them and recited a poem!

It was a grand, spur of the moment trip and we will definitely re-visit The Cork Yard!  Can't wait for June to get here!

And yes, I still have that cold I've been fighting but at least being sick was a little more fun in Jefferson, Texas.

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