Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The You Tube Video Was a Non-Event in Libya"

Joe Klein is soooo missing the point.

Via Memeorandum, Klein's latest piece of drek totally politicizes the Benghazi affair and blames Republicans for a) caring about four dead Americans and b) being responsible for the absence of security:

Could it have been the Republicans who consistently voted against funds for increased embassy security? Hmmm…that makes their current carping seem awfully political, doesn’t it? Again, sins of politics are not mortal. But one does wonder why the Republicans tend to fix on issues like this, which are defined by their absence of substance. (I haven’t noticed the Republicans clamoring to spend more on embassy security–which would be a matter of substance, happily embraced by the Administration.But that would require a budget deal, which would give the President a win.)

It's astonishing, really.

In August, after the attempting car-jacking outside of the compound, security staff was drawn down from fourteen to four.

Why?  Funding?  Really?

But that's beside the point, really.  We're talking about four Americans who were left to die, who were basically told, "You're on your own."

If you boil it all down to the basic facts, help was requested and denied.  The cover-up could not be more clear, even to a low-information voter.

As I listened to the testimony today, I was struck by the honest emotion and the solid story of each of the men before the committee.  I was also struck by the very obvious attempt by the Democrats to protect Hillary at all costs.  They were writing Joe Klein's column for him.

Back to Klein:  look at that last statement in the quote above:  the Republicans won't agree to a budget because that would give Obama a win.  Really?  That's the only reason there's no budget deal?  It couldn't have anything to do with runaway spending, Obamacare, and an out of control national debt?  It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that the entitlement state has expanded to cradle to grave care for more people in this country than ever before at any point in history?

People like Joe Klein nauseate me.

Four dead Americans.  Left to die.

That's the point, Joe.  Do you even have a soul?

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