Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Don't More People Observe Traditional Memorial Day?

Yesterday, Steve and I attended the Memorial Day service sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans Chapter No. 30 at Greenwood Cemetery in Shreveport.  This is our fourth year to attend this service; we are partial to it because we have adopted several veteran's graves in the cemetery.

The event is sparsely attended each year and I don't know if that's because most people are at work, if the event isn't well publicized, or if people just figure that once that three day weekend is done Memorial Day is over.

There was precious little media attention there this year with the notable exception of the fine John Andrew Prime from The Shreveport Times who wrote a lovely write-up of the event for the paper.

The ceremony began with a moving rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by a young lady with the Parkway High School AFJROTC.  (That's a fine looking Jeep in the background, isn't it?!)

There was a posting of the colors and the introduction of the guest speaker by James M. Cox.  There were other dignitaries there as well, and various patriotic groups were represented.

The guest speaker was James Vanderberry, a retired Air Force chief master sergeant.  He reminded us that the sacrifices of the veterans we were there to honor should never be forgotten.  It made me think of the Kelley brothers, resting nearby, one of whom was killed on D-Day and the other brother died that same year in November.  A third brother was also lost and is buried in another cemetery in town.  I could not help but think of that family and what 1944 was like for them and remember that there were many, many more families like that throughout the nation.

There was a presentation of wreaths from various groups, including the VFW Post 2238, the VA Medical Center, the National Order of Trench Rats, and the Pelican Chapter DAR, among others.

Parkway High School AFJROTC did a flag folding ceremony...

...and then the Sons of Confederate Veterans fired off a triple volley salute.

John Long and Wilbur Snelling represented the group this year.

As always, I wish the ceremony had been better attended, but I always come away from this one feeling proud of the young people that take part.  Parkway High School JFROTC does a great job each year with this and they are to be commended.

Be sure to read John Andrew Prime's write up; it was lovely.  And if you're able, please come out next year to support this very worthy endeavor by the Disabled American Veterans.

Memorial Day Service at Greenwood Cemetery 2012
Memorial Day 2011
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bill said...

Based on things that you support and write about, I believe that you and your husband are true patriots. Wish more of us were like you. I don't attend a lot of things that I should.

edutcher said...

It's been 40 years since we had Memorial Day.

The goofy Monday one is all a lot of people know and thus it has no meaning for them.

Which I suspect was the intent.