Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Get Hate Mail

Since Bill Hall from Northern California didn't have the balls to address his comments in an open forum where it was intended, I'll go ahead and share it with you.  I received his email this morning:

A friend sent me a link to pictures of the snow in Bossier City and I happened on your blog in regards to President Obama, Britain and Russia.
  What a comedy, that you simpletons think that they did not know he was going to do it, that just goes to show how idiotic you radical right wingers are.  President Obama would not turn coat on our greatest alley, so stop with the sniveling.  You and the rest of the goofs that watch that comedy show Fox news, have had your brains turned to mush from all the fear, lies and nonsense.
  Why don't you leave federal policy to the people in the know, and deal with that worthless state of yours.  I grew up in Bossier City lived and worked in New Orleans for many years.  I left because of the totally corrupt ineffective Government you guys vote into office.
  You can start with that idiot Jindal, I got so sick of hearing him cry for help with building berms in the marshes, that eventually collapsed and at the same time he is crying because President Obama put a moratorium on deep water drilling while millions of gallons of oil was spilling into the Gulf. 
  You allowed your levy board to build inadequate levees thus the waters came during Katrina.   
  If your going to governing irresponsibly and make bad decisions, when something goes wrong then handle it, because the rest of the country is tired of bailing you irresponsible people out. 
  Louisiana is a prime example of what is wrong with the rest of this country, so clean up your state figure out what is reality, thin maybe your voice on a national level may be heard.
  The problem is not our President, it's the right wing who insist on keeping us back in the dark ages and not moving this country forward.
You're a joke, Jindal is a joke and your state is a drag on this country.
So you Hicks get your shit together and maybe, you can have the luxury of the rest of the Nation taking you seriously.
Bill Hall
Northern California, where the weather is great and the people care about their state and this country.
As a policy I don't engage with haters in email discourse but feel free to engage Mr. Hall in this open forum if you wish.


Anonymous said...

You have to admit that this is a fine example of the civility of the left. There is a portion of one sentence, consisting of his opinion, to refute the premise of your earlier post. The rest of the letter is attacks unrelated to anything you wrote. That is the classic liberal debating tactics.

Anne said...

And the guy's writing from the bankrupt and ungovernable state of California.

What a joke.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Is that the best he could do?

Bride Of Rove said...

Well at least he didn't threaten to kill you. I get those. I haven't read your Russia post but I'm guessing it's about the complete and utter betrayal of Great Britain. Only a moron would fail to recognize that article in the British press for the earthquake that it was. That was the sound of trust .. By any ally we may have counted on when needed ... Turning into quicksand. We are done. No one will have our back after this. No one.

Why the hate for Louisiana? Must be a racist in addition to being an idiot with anger issues. Obama is indefensible at this point.

G. R. said...

Words alone cannot rebut what I just read. Normally I would go off upon reading something like what Bill Hall wrote, but I can't. I honestly can't. It's sort of like the time I made fun of a mentally challenged child and my mother told me the reasons we shouldn't do such a thing.

Josh said...

I honestly find it hard to take anybody's argument seriously when they still haven't figured out the difference between "you're" and "your." Also, I love how he used "thin" instead of "then."


Jim said...

Bless his heart, he must not have much to do.

Sarah said...

I can't take people seriously when they resort to name-calling.

G. R. said...


When I was in the Army part of my job was to dissect information, analyze it, and determine its validity and value. Therefore, I attempted to reread Bill's post and analyze it and concluded it was both invalid and totally worthless.
However, I was able to determine that it was a liberl Psy/Ops weapon that was designed to lower the IQ level of those who ventured to read it.

keyskids said...

Boy is that the pot calling the kettle black. Just like a California boy to tell us how to run our state. New Orleans would not have been in the shape that is or was if the democrats had not been in charge. And for some reason they keep electing them. The government will not take care of you, you should take care of yourself. California is a joke made one trip there and it was enough to last me forever, too many drug smokers there, too many bums passed out on the sidewalks, you can go bankrupt and we can push you off in the sea.

Laurence L. said...

This guy is a classic case of being himself and not realizing it.

Or as Doc Holliday put it, "I guess it was just moahrr than he could beyah."

and "Credat Judaeus apella, non ego."

"Eventus stultorum magister." _Johnny Ringo

Or to paraphrase from the same: A man like Hall has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never inflict enough pain to ever fill it...he must need revenge, for bein' born.

One last thing, while we are in such a mess in Louisianne for who we keep electing, the souls like Hall in California have re-elected Jerry Brown.

I guess I picked a bad time to quit drinking.

Jim said...

I can't leave this one alone, the level of hate in his email is troubling.
Disagreement and dialogue about those disagreements is a great thing. It's what our country was built on.
Ad Hominem attacks such as his are inexcusable.

Steve Burri said...

Moonbeam Brown has a twin?!

Red said...

Is that Charles Johnson? ;-) Ol' "Bill Hall" sure does have things figured out. I hope he runs for office.

Calliope Street said...

I loved reference to the U.K. as our "alley" Poor man never learned to spell...

Donald Douglas said...

You did right to publish this idiot's rants. Arrogant stupidity. People like this are living in a world of denial and hurt.

Anonymous said...

I agree...I mean what's wrong with supporting a Governor who endorses teaching Fairy Tales in science class?

Just a conservative girl said...

umm, this is a guy from Northern California talking about bad elected officials. Let me guess, his congresswoman is Pelosi.

You know I don't live in Louisana so I am not sure, but aren't many of your elected officials usually dems? I know the governor during Katrina was. Oh, I am sorry that was Bush's fault, because he didn't violate the constitution and send in federal troops, which is obviously what he should have done.

The Oracle said...

This guy is in serious internal conflict and pain. Probably had a horrible childhood and is taking it out on the rest of the world.
A perfect example of how corrosive anger can be.