Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011

It's a snow day in Shreveport!  I dared fate and got into the car to go take a few pictures.  Here's the duck pond on East Kings Highway:

The ducks seemed to be enjoying it:

There weren't too many folks out:

So I went over to Centenary College to see what was happening over there:

Pretty quiet.  I walked over to the band shell; it's always neat looking when it snows:

But, all in all, it was pretty quiet there, too.

There weren't any die hards out at Querbes Golf Course, either:

There were lots of folks out driving around.  Everyone looked to be driving pretty carefully.  I stopped by McDonalds for the Teenager and into the grocery store for me and headed home.  I filled the bird feeder and the birds are swarming around it!

One thing about the Lab absolutely loves it.  I can hardly get him to come inside!

Now I'm going to make a cup of hazelnut coffee and settle in with my book.  Stay warm!


Steve Burri said...

How often have you ever had snow like that? And the temps/wind chill that you mentioned a couple of posts ago? You are almost experiencing a winter in Wisconsin.

Pat Austin said...

We don't get it very often! We ended up with about 3 inches where I am; other areas got a bit more. The fact that it's been so cold this week means that most all of it stuck, too. That's mostly a mixture of sleet and snow.

And...we have more predicted Wednesday. We're warming up to 45 today so most of this will melt off, thank goodness. It's pretty, but....