Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This World Has Left Me Behind...

What in the world is wrong with Lindsay Lohan?  Felony grand theft?  REALLY?!  Somebody help this girl, please.

An unprecedented THIRD snow day from Bossier Parish Schools!  Are you serious?  I mean, I'll take it, but I know my Iowa relatives are laughing at us.

Obama says he "hasn't raised taxes" once?!  Are you freakin' CRAZY man?  OMG.

In Bangladesh they've exhumed the body of a 15 year old girl who died after being lashed to death; "no external injuries" didn't fly so NOW they're going to investigate.  Right.

If you're a witch in Romania it might be time to find a new job.  If your predictions "don't come true" you might end up in jail. 

Enough of the weird world!

People are NUTS.  I could totally be a hermit.  Seriously.  As long as hermits are allowed to have computers and beer.  And dogs.

If you're shut in somewhere and getting cabin fever, take another look at Second Hand Rose and help a lady out.  Buy something!  Call Milly (318.371.9830) and buy yourself something fun!  But, I'll tell you, the inkwell is off the table, as are the lamps.  There's still lots of cool stuff, though!  LOVE the ashtray!   Instead of hitting my tip jar this month, help Milly out!  SIGIS appreciates you; she's a nice lady.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing hermit until spring comes.  Well, actually, we're going back to Milly's on the 19th for the German Fasching celebration, but I'll be a hermit until then.


LL said...

Lindsay Lohan is a Romanian Witch, are they persecuting her for that? If so, we need to consider it religious bias and bigotry...or something.

Sandy said...

If Obama didn't raise taxes, who took that additional #30 from my check?

Chris Wysocki said...

Sandy - you have to parse his statement carefully. He said, "I didn't raise taxes ONCE." Which is technically true. He raised them more than ONCE. About 2 dozen times in fact. But still, "not ONCE".

Lynn said...

I have come to the conclusion that the world has been invaded by either body snatchers or pod people, maybe both.

Tony said...

Meanwhile more troops are killed in Shrub's Wars. But all you right-wingers can do is fixate on a dip-shit celebrity in between episodes of American Idol.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Wow, Tony that was real deep. Is that seriously the best you can do? BTW Those are Obama's wars now. Bush left office quite a while ago. But hey why let reality get in the way of a bad rant?

Bob Belvedere said...

-I am reminded of something George Orwell once wrote: This age makes me so sick that sometimes I am almost impelled to stop at a corner and start calling down curses from Heaven

-As long as hermits are allowed to have computers and beer. And dogs. And books.

There...fixed that for you.