Monday, June 25, 2012

First iPad!

What apps do I need?


Unknown said...

You should definitely get the fabulous fly books of mr. Morris lessmore by moonbot studios

Jazz One said...

Flipboard- it takes you fav RSS feed, social media and such and puts it into a magazine-like format. When I got my iPad, I asked they guy what he thought was some of his personal killer apps for it.

Evernote- it's a note taking app. I write a lot. Sometimes I just need to get something down so I don't lose it. The good thing is you goes between devices.

The Weather Channel- you'll never need to turn the tv for weather.

Anonymous said...

It depends....

If you do music Garageband and Amplitube are musts.

Kindle and Nook apps depending on where you get eBooks.

I find Yelp handy when I travel.

WeatherBug is very good.

PJmedia has the essential Instapundit plus all the PJmedia content.

Flixster is good for movies.

Zinio pretty much any magazine you want to read. But Check to see if your magazine is available separately as zinio is essentially a digitized magazine where the free standing magazine apps may have special features (the Potteresque moving images and sound)

Angry Birds or Civilization Rev for games.

Sirius XM or Pandora (Sirius is subscription based)

Goodreader is a pretty good pdf reader.

I've got more but those are what I use the most.

Oh Yeah...the apple bookstore/newstand is crap avoid at all costs.


Byrd '81

Pat Austin said...

Thanks for the suggestions y'all!

I have pulled some of the iPad versions of some of my favorite iPhone apps, like WeatherBug and Kindle.

Thanks for the advice on Newstand - I wondered about that.

One favorite app I'm using now is HBOGo. I'm rewatching the John Adams miniseries on it now!

The NASA app is cool, too.

I have a feeling I haven't even scratched the surface.