Sunday, June 17, 2012

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: Father's Day 2012 Edition

It's a lazy Father's Day at Chez SIGIS.  I've done some mundane things around the house and then went with Steve to get a case for his tablet.  We ran a few other terribly exciting errands where I bought a new melon baller, a mouse pad, and a patriotic pinwheel and he bought some candy and a bottle of water.  We lead exciting lives.

Now we're flipping back and forth between the U.S. Open and the Rangers game.  I'm watching the weather trying to figure out if I'm going to be able to grill these hamburgers I've got for supper.

I've been unable to read the blogs much this weekend; Steve had to talk me down off the ledge after Friday's amnesty drop but I'm okay now.  My blood pressure is back in normal range.

Via The Lonely Conservative, David Plouffe insists Obamnesty isn't political.  Heh!  Okay.  Doug Powers notes that just last year Obama himself insisted he didn't have the authority to do this.

Via Paco, Eric Holder's number may be up.

Saberpoint has a nice tribute to Stacy McCain who is still in hiding and covering the Kimberlin story.

Guess what Obama did today for Father's Day?  Left the kids at home and went to play golf, of course.  Redstate.

Doug Ross has given Romney a handy list of ten Executive Orders he should write once he's elected.

American Power remembers Rodney King who was found in the bottom of his swimming pool today.

The Pirate's Cove has his Father's Day linkfest (on which I'm not mentioned, but it's okay) and also some silly campaign games.

Pundette has her traditional Father's Day post.

The Foundry list five devastating effects ObamaCare will have on young adults.

Political Junkie Mom highlights Victor Davis Hanson's column this week which asks "Are We in Revolutionary Times?"

Political Clown Parade reports on the dismantling of the relationship between the U.S. and America thanks to Obama and also has one of her classic PhotoShop illustrations!

On that note, I'm going to take my chances and fire up the grill.  Burgers with sharp cheddar cheese and Steve's favorite:  Zapp's Voodoo potato chips for dinner.


Curmudgeon said...

Thanks for the shout-out SIGIS. Hope the rain held off long enough to cook those burgers.

Donald Douglas said...

Nice roundup.

Hope you're enjoying your summer, Pat!