Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer at SIGIS

First day of summer.  It's currently 91 degrees and so humid you can't even go outside.  And it's going to get even better!

It's sort of an anti-climactic day it seems.  After yesterday's wall to wall coverage on Fast and Furious, I got up today hoping for exciting news from SCOTUS.  In a way, I was hoping the ruling on Obamacare would come down but on the other hand, I'm glad it didn't.

If the ruling had come today, we'd all be talking about that instead of Fast and Furious and I think everyone needs to know about Fast and Furious.  I bet the Obama administration was hoping that Obamacare ruling would come today.  Distraction.

Have you read Katie Pavlich's book on Fast and Furious?  I have not but it's on my list.  Right now I'm reading (in my ADD fashion) The Great Destroyer by David Limbaugh, American Son by Marco Rubio, and The Prince of Frogtown by Rick Bragg.  Two of those are on my Kindle app and one is hardback.  (BoR will be proud of me).

So, with no SCOTUS news to blog about, I got out and did my part to stimulate the economy a little; I bought my mother one of those portable ice machines.  The ice maker in her refrigerator went out a while back and for what they're going to charge me to fix it, I could buy a new refrigerator.  That would be silly because the refrigerator works just fine and isn't that old.  So, I've ordered one of these ice machines.  Steve has one at his office and assures me they are wonderful.

I'm also in the market for an iPad, I think.  I've been using my Dell Streak but it's dying.  The battery life has always been short but now it just won't hold a charge.  I'm going to play around with it and do some things but if I can't get it worked out then I'll be finally biting the expensive bullet and buying an iPad (which I covet anyway so it will be okay).

I use the Streak primarily as a reader but I know there is so much more I would do with an iPad.  If you have one, share with me what your favorite apps are.  I have an iPhone but for reading purposes, it's really too small.

On another note, Mr. SIGIS and I are headed to Minden Saturday to celebrate Milly Rose's birthday.  I'm excited about that!  We may (or may not) go back down to Coushatta tomorrow for more veggies.  And next month we've got an exciting trip to Jefferson planned; we're meeting up with blog buddies Mike & Beth and will be staying at The Excelsior House again, this time in the Diamond Bessie suite!  Can't wait!

And meanwhile, we're still on baby watch!

Other than that, I'm procrastinating yard work and watching the dogs sleep.

And so it goes at Chez SIGIS.


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