Saturday, September 3, 2011

Soggy Saturday

After weeks and weeks of drought, we finally got rain today!  It was not nearly enough but nobody is complaining.  The area has had a fair number of grass fires lately as we have been broiling under a record breaking stretch of 100-plus degree days.  To say the rain was welcome is an understatement!

Steve and I headed to Minden today to see Milly; we haven't been in about a month and a half, but much to our disappointment, she was closed.  It was heartbreaking to stand outside, looking through the glass door, and unable to get inside to the treasures!  But, hopefully, Milly is enjoying a much needed holiday weekend with her family.

We headed back to Shreveport and hit a couple of antique shops in Bossier but it wasn't nearly as wonderful as Milly's would have been.  I bought a little pair of milk glass salt and pepper shakers.

We came home and made breakfast for supper (cheese grits, bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy) and turned on the LSU game.  Don't take offense if you're from Oregon, but those Oregon Duck uniforms are u-g-l-y.  Of course, right now, LSU's defense is pretty ugly, too.

The rest of my holiday weekend will be dedicated to waiting for Comcast tomorrow to come fix my mom's cable, grading papers, cleaning house, and playing with my new techie-toy: I bought a Dell Streak tablet.  Can't afford an iPad2 and this was on sale.  I actually like the 7" size but I'm not thrilled with the Marketplace.  iTunes is leaps and bounds ahead of apps over Android.  Or so it seems.

I got the WiFi only version and that should be fine for my needs right now.  I don't need another phone.

My main interest in it is as a reader; reading articles and blogs on an iPhone is okay, but my eyes appreciate the larger size of the Streak.  Plus, I'm giving the Kindle app another try.  I ordered Dick Cheney's In My TimeIn My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir and am trying to be open minded about reading a book without paper and ink smells.

And so it goes. I'm off to watch the rest of this football game and see what else is happening in the world. 


Mike Thiac said...

Got Cheney book from Amazon Thuesday and Beth stole it before I could start it...then again I'm in the middle of Reckless Endangement...and I have Fed Up and After America that arrived on Friday.

Have a great weekend.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Your reading list looks like mine!! I'm simultaneously reading Fed Up and After America. Love both of 'em!

Tina said...

Bummer about Milly's being closed. One I often visit was closed yesterday too.

So thrilled that north Louisiana is getting good rain from this storm. I know it's a bit like feast or famine, and hope there isn't much damage from it.

We're waiting impatiently for "our" inland hurricane over here in Texas. ;-)

Bride Of Rove said...

The first two chapters of Cheney's book drag ass but it's picking up. Probably shouldn't have jumped directly from Anthony Bourdain's writing to dust dry Cheney. Cheney's is just one of those pieces of history that has to get read. Not because he's a great writer, but because he's lived history and is the only one who knows the interesting parts.

iPad is worth the money. Add Netflix and Kindle app and I bought an app that allows me to use MS Word and Excel and access my docs from google docs to work remotely and it's just ten kinds of awesome. I don't know how I lived with out it for so long.

Andy said...

Hey Pat!

I was at the South Bossier Kroger picking up a couple of things for the LSU game early afternoon on Sattidy.

When I walked out it was raining.

My hand to God, people were standing out in the parking lot just looking up at the sky. It was something to see.

As I passed one woman with my cart, she looked at me...looked back up at the sky, and asked, "What is this?" Yep! Thank God for what we got. Our gauge registered 3/10. Not nearly enough, but we'll take it.

Oh yeah...I'm getting REAL close to throwing my meager, pitiful, probably useless support behind Gov. Perry.

Enjoy your Monday off.