Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rick Perry's New Ad

Love it.  It gave me chills; no, not the scary kind.  The good kind.


Tina said...

Wow! Shared and linked! Gracias! :-)

Tony said...

As only a true male cheerleader could deliver!!! (I must say, however, that his campaigning is certainly "evolving"....err, I mean "creating"??...oh, whatever.)

Sarah said...

Oh, that's kind of awesome. I don't usually like candidates' ads, but that one is positive.

It also looks like a movie trailer. <-- Not why I like it, just impressed. :-)

Mike Thiac said...

Finally watched it and it was great.

I was in New Orleans for the retirement party of some friends from the Army Reserve. My buddy Jim and I were discussing what the Army did in the logistical field in the last ten years. George Patton’s Red Ball Express was done in ten to twenty days...for over a year. And as Jim said, “Mike, it all comes down to leadership. You gotta have people who know what they are doing and get them to get others to do the job...”

Leadership. A concept B Hussein Obama could never get.