Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Weekend, Estate Sales, and Old Houses

It's the birthday weekend here at SIGIS; my mom is 87 today and I'm....well, another year older tomorrow (Sunday). 

My daughter, her husband, and my niece are in from Dallas to celebrate and we're headed to The Cub for dinner tonight.  Fine steaks and au gratin potatoes!

We've spent the afternoon at my mom's, visiting.  I got a nifty book on Tiffin glass from my niece which I can't wait to get into.  My daughter conspired with Milly Rose at some point and gave me a terrific gift certificate so I'll be headed to Minden sometime after Oktoberfest to see what kind of goodies I can rustle up!

So I went to this estate sale today.  Oh for a million dollars!  I would so love to restore this house!  I am such a sucker for older homes.  I love the detail, the architecture, and the solidity of them.  The huge rooms.  The tall windows.  I'd take an old house over a new one any day of the week.  But, that's just me.

This picture is of the fireplace in the dining room:

I love the detail on those columns and the beveled mirror. 

This view is from the same position but looking back toward the living room:

The hardwood floors were once gorgeous and could be again.

This is one of the upstairs bedrooms on the back side of the house.

This view is from the landing at the top of the stairs on the second floor and looks over the front yard.  The wrought iron balcony is cool.

Okay so now that balcony is just behind me and this looks toward the back of the house; there are bedrooms on either side of where we are here:

This is toward the front and that balcony again:

And so I went on up to the attic and this is from the stairs looking into the attic.  There was a hole in the roof and the sun is filtering in.  It's clear that rats and other critters have had their way with the place.  There was a man up there digging through stuff but I didn't have the fortitude:

This is one of the sleeping porches on the back of the house, second floor:

This view is from the sleeping porch looking back to the front of the house.  That's the wrought iron balcony on top and the front door is visible below.  Those are the "front" stairs and we also had "back" stairs which was customary for "the help."

A downstairs porch:

There wasn't much to rescue from this house as far as estate sales go.  There were some worm eaten books and an ancient piano.  Various bits of furniture.  It was all pretty far gone.  But, boy!  Would I love to restore that place!  The grandeur of it! 

It's my birthday.  The house is for sale.  Anyone?

Actually, the lady said someone is looking to buy it, restore it and rent it out for weddings and receptions and such.

I'm off to spend time with family now.  Happy weekend to you!


Sarah said...

If you ever want to read something light, fluffy, silly and girly, try Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews. The main character buys "junk" and antiques and resells them and is really into old houses and decor. (So does/is the author.) I was already into all of that before, but it's put me in the mood for yard sales and estate sales lately!

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday! Today is my hubby's birthday, too.

Adrienne said...

...and - that house is gorgeous!

Pat Austin Becker said...

@Sarah, just ordered it! I'll let you know how I like it.
@Adrienne: Thanks! I guess it was a good year! And, I hope someone DOES fix that house back to its original beauty. I hate seeing things like that just rot. Kills me.

Bob Belvedere said...

Happy Birthday, Pat!