Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The "Attack Watch" Website Is "Fishy!"

Need some comic relief this afternoon?  I know I do.  Just go to the #attackwatch hashtag on Twitter to see how well Team Obama's new information gathering website is working out.  It's enough to make me break out my "fishy" emblem once again!

If you're out of the loop, Team Obama is gathering "information" on attacks against the president:

The categories for passing along an “attack” include significant events like a TV interview or broadcast ad, but also include such trivial categories as “forwarded e-mail” and “rumor.”  Presumably, the campaign would then debunk the “rumor,” which would then give it a lot more attention and oxygen than it otherwise might receive.  In fact, it’s not inconceivable that people who really wanted to spread “rumors” would do so by reporting them through AttackWatch and waiting for the campaign to publicize rumors through their response.

Michelle Malkin points out that this strategy didn't work out so well the first time and has links to more good fun with the site.

Some of my favorites:

There's even a video mocking the site, already.  It's kind of irritating, but a lot of truth in it:

I simply can't recall a president as thin-skinned and paranoid as this one has turned out to be.  Simply incredible.

The Washington Post reports on the mockery.   Memeorandum has a thread.

Do his minions have nothing else to do but track down all this "information" coming into this site?

What's the over/under for how long this one lasts?  I'm taking 4 days.

AddedMore hilarity from NRO.


Calliope Street said...

A word to the wise: Please turn yourself in to ATTACK WATCH! before someone else does. I hear they're going easy on citizens who self-incriminate.

lin said...

Obama is thin skinned and paranoid because he suffers from delusions of grandeur.