Sunday, September 18, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Oktoberfest Munchen Edition

We're a little tardy with our FMJRA this week but better late than never.

Oktoberfest kicked off in Munich this weekend and I've been vicariously watching through the internet:  YouTube videos, live web cams, news reports and pictures posted to Twitter.  Here at SIGIS, it's been a quiet weekend here at SIGIS with a little bit of rain here and there.  The next few weeks look busy, busy, though.  My daughter and her husband are coming next weekend to celebrate my Mom's 87th birthday and then the next week is, of course, Oktoberfest at Barksdale Air Force Base!  The weekend after that, we are overdue for a visit to Milly's Second Hand Rose Antiques.

And around the blogosphere...

Eric Clapton is ALWAYS a hit with me and The Daley Gator has video.

Smitty has posted a really cute baby picture at The Other McCain.

Legal Insurrection is advocating flogging.

Those great Al-Gore-Light-Bulbs, otherwise known as CFLs?  Doug Ross reports a price spike coming up.

American Power reports a 12% unemployment rate in California.  In a related post, The Pirate's Cove reports on a supermarket union in CA threatening to shut down hundreds of stores.

Ann Althouse is starting to find Rick Perry "appealing"? 

When you finish with my round-up, head over to Mind Numbed Robot.  He'll keep you busy for a while.

Bride of Rove had an interesting post this week on the Cherokee nation decision to oust blacks from their rolls.

I totally missed this monstrous outfit.  Wish is hadn't seen it now.  Bread Upon The Waters.

Pundette posts on latest controversy about the Obama White House and their hostility to women.

The Reaganite Republican joins the million hit club!  Congratulations!  SIGIS is still several years away from that honor, I think.

Speaking of blogs and hits and such, I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, but I just hate hitting a blogger's tip jar and not even getting a thank you in return, much less a link.  I know, you're supposed to give without expectation in this world, but in the blog world, it's customary, I think, to say thanks.  If you've hit my tip jar and I didn't thank you, please accept my profound apology.  I know sometimes we get busy and overlook things so I won't hold a grudge, but still...

And so ends the SIGIS roundup this week.  I must go practice my stein hefting skills for Oktoberfest.  A full mass of Oktoberfest is pretty heavy!

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Bride Of Rove said...

Thanks for the link. You know I hate beer, right?