Monday, September 26, 2011

Oktoberfest Trivia 2011

Last year's Oktoberfest trivia was a big hit and a huge Google bomb through the year.  It seems lots of folks love Oktoberfest!  So let's update that old version and play the NEW Oktoberfest - 2011.

Click on the links to find the answers!

Not even Oktoberfest is immune from inflation.  How much are prices supposed to rise this year?

What have the organizers done this year to ensure that you never run out of beer at Oktoberfest?

How many different beer tents are there at Oktoberfest?

Why are some revelers upset about too much froth?

So how strong is the beer at Oktoberfest?

Is Oktoberfest JUST about beer?

Bonk boxes?  Seriously?

Which tent is the most tradition-conscious at Oktoberfest?

How many Oktoberfest breweries are there?

What year was the first grilled chicken stall set up at Oktoberfest?

What in the world is The Trachtenumzug?

Okay, so I can't get to Munich this year.  Where else can I celebrate Oktoberfest?

Is there an Oktoberfest radio station?

How many fans does the Lederhosen page on Facebook have?

What exactly is that toast song, anyway?  Ein Prosit?

I can't wait!  Where can I get an Oktoberfest costume?!  For a guy?

Do they have an Oktoberfest celebration in the SIGIS area?!  Where can I see pictures of that?

Who is READY for Oktoberfest?!

This trivia was so much fun, can I try the one from last year?

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