Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Solo Weekend Edition

Mr. SIGIS is in Iowa this week to visit family and attend a wedding.  He sends word that they do in fact sell Sam Adams in Iowa and that the weather is fine.  I wish I could have made the trip with him but work, dogs, a teenager and my mother all beg my presence here.  I've occupied myself today by cleaning out my pantry and throwing away old canned goods that expired in 2007.  I was so inspired by the lovely results that I cleaned out the refrigerator too.  Now I'm sitting here looking at the old Chambers range thinking how nice it would be for it to be scrubbed down.  Maybe tomorrow.

I'm overdue for a linkfest so let's see what everyone is blogging about:

Lots of us are remembering 9/11 this weekend and Donald Douglas has a post on Bloomberg's decision to banish all clergy from the ceremonies.  Paco seconds the sentiment.   Obi's Sister has a wonderful 9/11 post.  Reaganite Republican has a great round-up of bloggers remembering the day.  I don't care what kind of memorial they end up me, those skyward reaching lights will always be it. 

Adrienne has a video but I just couldn't watch it all.  Can't.

Bride of Rove is such a gifted writer and blogger.  Her 9/11 post had me riveted.  When I grow up, I want to write like she does.

Wyblog has the liberal revisionist history lessons for the classroom when teaching about 9/11.

Fishersville Mike is not particularly impressed with Obama's new stimulus plan.  Grandpa John has the perfect response.

On the other hand, Pirate's Cove was impressed with Obama's weekly address.  Hey, credit where credit is due.

The Other McCain touts his spectacular sales report from Amazon Associates.  I'm jealous.  Nobody ever buys big ticket items through my Associates link.  (pout).  See that nice cuckoo clock over there in the sidebar?  You know Octoberfest is coming up, right?  Need a costume?  You know, when I buy something through Amazon, I always go through a blogger's Associate's link.  Spread the love.

There are a couple of charts you should see over at Legal Insurrection before you get too excited about Obama's "Jobs" plan.

Doug Powers reminds us that the smartest man in America isn't so smart.

The Camp of the Saints updates the Uncle Omar saga.  Where in the world....?

My cop buddies my like Milpundit's South Carolina State Trooper Outtakes post, although you've probably heard them all before.  I keep telling Mr. SIGIS he should write a book.

Sarah has a nifty books post for you readers.

Music break:  I'm listening to my iPod and Darius Rucker is on.  LOVE his voice:

Continuing on...

Right on the Left Coast has a great post on "genius kids."  It's a relevant topic to me this semester; I have a student that has really motivated me to find the stretch, the spark and the challenge in the lessons I write.  I don't want to get too much into it here, but it just kills me to let a really bright kid languish in a class while you do crowd control on the others.  It's just not going to happen in my room.

Saberpoint has a post on the Amanda Knox case a good smack on the head for Ann Coulter at the same time.

Doug Ross made me laugh!

Don Surber on Jon Stewart, President Perry and President Romney.

Pundette has two great Mark Steyn clips.

The Old Jarhead remains a great blog for aggregation and commentary.

Nope Mike, my Kindle doesn't do that!  Thank goodness!

Pecan Corner answers the question, what did people do before blogs?

And I'm off now to sit outside in the swing under the magnolia tree and read After America.  Got a roast in the oven and a Sam Adams nearby and will wait to hear from Mr. SIGIS how the Iowa wedding went.

Remember to fly your flag tomorrow.  Old Glory flies every day at Chez SIGIS, but tomorrow, it'll be flying prouder than ever.


Chris said...

An old Chambers range? We had one of those growing up. They're indestructible! Does yours have the separate push down latch above the gas knobs to lock them in place?

I remember ours had a combo griddle / broiler. A crank raised the griddle like a drawbridge to expose the broiler pan underneath. A clever design, until it came time to clean it! Yeah, I got KP duty a lot...

Thanks for the linkage and Blog of the Week honors. It's muchly appreciated!

Tina said...

Hey thanks for the link! I've been out of town this weekend and just got back. Coincidentally, I made a new post that cried out for a link to an Amazonian thingy & your Oktoberfest store post was perfect!

Off to go read more posts now.

Bob Belvedere said...

-Thanks for the link, Pat.

-I don't know how far you're into After America, but I'm at about sixty percent and it's magnificent.

Roger Fortier said...

Thanks for the link, Pat. Cheers.

Pat Austin said...

yep - I've got the griddle thing and the latches! Three burners and a soup well. It's a great stove and I wouldn't take a new one for anything. Love it!