Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sophomoric PhotoShop Mess from Vanity Fair

It's sad to see the depths to which Vanity Fair has fallen.  Who knew they could fall any further?

Posting an entire, ridiculous, offensive series of PhotoShop images of Governor Rick Perry, Vanity Fair also links to a Mother Jones (of course) article filled with anti-Perry rants by Molly Ivins (who died in 2007).

Meanwhile, Perry seems to be holding up pretty well despite Vanity Fair's sophomoric slurs.

He's polling pretty well in Florida, even after the debate which was supposed to reveal his Social Security vulnerability.

He's not looking too bad in Virginia, either.

But, while I'm still tentatively on the Perry train, I'm not willing to commit just yet.  It still feels early to me. 

Over at Hot Air, Karl is tentatively calling him the nominee (barring Sarah Palin's entry and mucking things up).

And as Perry's star rises, Obama's seems to burn out.


Reaganite Republican said...

Keep it up idiots, he likes to shoot things even more than Cheney you know lol

Jazz One said...

There is going to be a Perry sex scandal before the election.