Monday, January 31, 2011


Your happy dog story of the day:

These days, though, Little Red wags her tail a mile a minute and is almost inseparable from her new, best buddy — a cattle dog mix named Google. And Ellen, a tannish-brown bundle of energy, still loves her food but loves her visitors even more — smothering them with kisses as soon as they walk through the door.

Michael Vick's dogs.

All of them are much better off now, obviously, although some cannot be adopted because they were too traumatized or damaged.  What a wonderful thing, though, that places like this rehab center exist.


Red said...

That's why yours truly gives to the animal charities. People can usually fend for themselves but animals get the short end of the stick. Thanks for the uplifting story. I really could use it this week.

Red said...

Totally linked!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

A tail waggin happy ending if there was one.