Monday, January 17, 2011

Take a Winter Time Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden

We have returned from our Minden adventure and what a fun day!

First of all we tried the new place to eat in downtown Minden which is conveniently located right next door to Milly Rose!  It's also very handy for the courthouse folks and also not far from the hospital.  The 507 Grill is a much needed addition to downtown Minden.  Here's the menu:

We both had the cheeseburger and fries which I can highly recommend.  The burgers are like good ole' homemade burgers - no processed pressed meat patties here!  And the buns were huge and sort of sweet, like a Kings Hawaiian bread.  At first Steve was a little put off by that but he ended up really liking it.  And for dessert...

Pure heaven.  This is a homemade cheesecake - not store-bought.  It's got a vanilla wafer crust and a gooey praline topping that is to die for.  Heaven!  There was also a rich chocolate cake with chocolate icing topping with fresh strawberries (brought some home for later!), a pound cake, a coconut cake, and a plain cheesecake.  All made from scratch.

The soup in bread bowls is next on my list to try.  Milly says they have a great bean and ham soup which I'll try.  Today was taco soup.

We took a cheeseburger over to Milly's and I started poking around.  The dogs were thrilled to see us, as always, and decked out today in Mardi Gras beads.  It's hard to get a picture of them because they move so much, but they're adorable Boston Terriers.

Milly had lots of new stuff.  Here's a view from the middle of the first floor looking toward the front.  You can see Milly peeking out at me:

One of the first things I noticed were these new hand-blown glasses.  Very pretty!

As I was crawling around behind the counter to look closer into the shelves on the wall, I saw this on the floor:

Not normally my style, really, but ....I'm intrigued.

How about some political memorabilia?

Here's the silver table:

I thought this piece was interesting:

I think it would clean up nicely!

In the very back on the first floor is this ancient safe; I suspect it came with the building  but I'm not sure.  It's huge, probably 5 ft. tall.  There's a couple of smaller ones upstairs.  I'd love to have something like that!  You'd need some serious lifting power to move it though.

I thought this footed teacup was unusual:

Up to the third floor?  Frames:

I'm glad I don't have to mow my yard with this:

These two pretty bowls belong to a set of four:

I like this chair, too, but it's so low to the ground!

Back on the first floor, Milly's case of knives and brass knuckles!

Some steins:

How about an Elvis knife?

Some military hardware:

I think I've posted these before, and I'm too lazy to go look, but I'm always entranced by this little salt cellars and their tiny spoons; I can't imagine a way of life when people actually used these things!

Another teacup:

Baseball gloves:

Some sort of liquor bottle:

My mom smokes Chesterfields so I took this picture:

Milly has these old photographs all over the place and there's a huge basket of them on the first floor. I always like looking through them and wondering about the people, their expressions, and I look at the jewelry on the ladies.  This looks like a happy family:

Milly went out to her car and every time she leaves the store this is what the dogs do:

How about a cake plate and server:

I actually think this ink set is neat:

And I liked this blue flower pin:

These old medical bottles were neat:

Steve liked this old art deco ashtray; it has the button you push to dump the ashes.

But I kept coming back to the lamp.  I had Milly dig it out.  Steve is not impressed - he thinks they belong in a bordello...

But I like them!  And guess what came home with me...

Omigod!  They're so cool!  They cleaned up beautifully.  They are 3-way lamps and so you can light the top, or the bottom, or both!  OMG!  What fun!

I also got this:

And here you go - take a walk through the third floor:

As always, if you see anything you can't live without, give Milly Rose a call at 318.371.9830 and she'll be glad to answer any questions you have and quote a fair price.

Previous posts and photos can be found here.


steve said...

I liked the ashtray for bringing back some memories of my childhood. I remember these ashtrays being just about everywhere, because smoking back then was allowed just about everywhere to include even hospital waiting rooms. There is a button on the rim that activates a trap door in the bottom of the ashtray, and I don't know of any kid back then who didn't go around pushing the button to watch the butts and ashes fall into the receptacle below. I secretly think adults left the butts in ashes in the bowl just to give kids the thrill of pushing the button.

CGann said...

Mom and I have been here before but now I really have to go back. I saw Mickey Mouse in one of the pictures.

Wondering Woman said...

Love your purchases...

Red said...

Praline cheesecake??? Oh Pat, you shouldn't have posted that picture. I was doing so well...;-)

Blah Blah Blah said...

Am going to HAVE to go check this place out! Loved the tea cups and the lamps...the Art Deco ashtray is all looks drool worthy!

politicaljunkieMom said...

Praline cheesecake.


Love the pin! And the lamp is wicked cool. ; )