Monday, January 17, 2011

Is Pence Going To Run?

What are the odds:

A conservative group launched Monday with one goal in mind: drafting Republican Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana to run for president in 2012.

Can he do it?  The AP suggests it may be too late:

Should Pence enter the contest, he would face an uphill climb. Few Americans have heard of him and better known potential Republican candidates — like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, or former Alaska governor Sarah Palin — already have organized fundraising operations.

I like Pence!  Who are these people that never heard of him?  Where have they been?  Jennfier Rubin thinks he's running:

Pence plainly is making a splash in Republican circles. At this point, I'd be quite surprised if he didn't run.
Remember this speech?  Great stuff:

Run, Mike Run!


Andy said...

Pat, I didn't watch the video. But, I've watched Pence long enough to know that if he runs...I'M IN!

The guy is JUST what we need.

Just my humble, expert opinion here... said...

The AP has absolutely no say in who the Republicans run as president. They'd like to persuade us to run the candidate of their choice, another tired RINO, I'm sure. I like Pence, although Paul Ryan would be my choice (he doesn't want to run, though) but I'd vote for him over the old guard. This is good news, Pat! Thank you!