Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Cold in Iowa

Steve's niece sends these pictures from northern Iowa.  I can't even tell what some of those ARE!  I've got to say, when I look at these and then I look at what we close the entire city for down here for "inclement weather," well, good grief.

Anyway, I believe this must be her deck.  The chairs are a hint.

This must also be the deck and I'm just going by the rail, here.

The sidewalk?  Something is under that drift.  I have no idea what.



I'm running out of superlatives:

She tells me it was a windchill of -25 today.  Omigod.  Do people actually go to work in that?


TNelson said...

Not quite so bad as that in Nebraska this year but darn cold. We're expecting the big "dump" of snow this week-end according to the local weather guys but of course they pray for that kind of weather so they can interupt "local programming" to bring us the latest bad news on how much precipation we're going to get =) - we shall see. Not nearly as bad this year as last when we had snow from November till March...yeesh!

Red said...

BRRRRR! And I cry when the house is 59­°.

MikeAT said...

I landed in Des Moines IA airport a couple of Decembers ago and I thought my face fell off by the time I made it to my rental car. and I'm talking about three minutes of searching...

I've lived in cold and hot...give me the heat any day...

Sara said...

This is Steve's niece that supplied the pictures. BRRR is right, with a few profanities laced in there too. Much to everyone's surprise, there is NOTHING but snow under those piles! Honest to goodness! Last night I was outside for 5 minutes and swore that I had frost bite on my fingers.

Steve Burri said...

Nothing under that 'drift.' That's just the snow pile from the shovel action. It gets a pain when they get too high to throw more snow on.

The school districts around here consider closing for the day when the wind chill stays at -35 or lower for at least an hour.

And to think, northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota are much, much worse. Yikes!