Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Not much blogging here today as work is overwhelming me right now.  I have to get an early start today and must stay late to get caught up.  This isn't the proper venue to vent about all that but trust me, one day I'll write a book.

Just one question for any education people:  when did they start calling faculty meetings "professional development"?


The vote to repeal Obamacare takes place today, as you know, and though many on the left are scoffing that it's only symbolic, it's much more than that.  But they're perfectly free to keep their heads in the sand for all it matters.  It hasn't served them particularly well in the past.

I think lots of people are cranky lately.  Must be something in the air.  My mom was cranky yesterday, I was on a holy ripping tear yesterday, and even Bride of Rove was not a happy camper.  Well, here's hoping for a better day for us all. 



Red said...

"they're perfectly free to keep their heads in the sand "
When have they ever pulled them out? Feel better Pat. Hopefully your Minden trip brought some joy.

Hutch said...

Your Mom has been cranky for a couple of days. I imagine professional development is being used these days because it is probably more politically correct than referring to a group of educators as "faculty" least development sounds like it is accomplishing more than "meeting"