Monday, January 24, 2011

Will SIGIS be Cave Blogging in 2012?

Just checking in on a Monday morning, here.  There isn't much going on.

While I should have been out in the gorgeous weather this weekend doing some yard work and winter clean up, I was curled up inside reading a book.  I'm into the last 150 pages of Hugh Ambrose's The Pacific and am thoroughly engrossed.  The book is intended as a companion to the HBO mini-series but I'm enjoying it more.  The book adds two additional characters that you didn't get in the HBO version; also, it drastically trims Bob Leckie's part which was pretty significant in the video.  At any rate, I'm going to wrap it up this week and get into my Sid Phillips book next. 

My current tangent.  The Pacific War.  Go figure.

All the political buzz this weekend has been over the upcoming State of the Union address but frankly, I can't gin up much interest.  I don't care what Obama says...I mean, reads, off his teleprompter.  I don't believe anything he says and when he stands up there for his speech and promises more "investment" in ... whatever... well, I just hear "more spending!"

I think the "date night" nonsense, i.e.: bipartisan seating, is ridiculous.  For all the derision the Republicans took over their "symbolic" health care vote last week in the House, this bipartisan seating mule fodder is just that: symbolic.  Period.  Hypocrites.

I did find this Weekly Standard piece interesting.  I do have grave concerns that Republicans might offer up Huckabee or Romney as their next candidate and if that comes to pass, well, I'm withdrawing from commentary and moving into a cave.  A nice cave.  One with books.  And beer.

Have a nice Monday. 


Pat said...

Amen, sister. I wouldn't vote for either of them.

Fenway_Nation said...

Altho' most of the candidates are an unknown quantity, I'm leaning towards Pawlenty....

Could win over some blue states without the baggage of Romneycare

Sandy said...

Where's the "like" button like they have on Facebook! Romney or Huckabee! Enough already!!!!!

Laurence L. said...

More retreads. And we haven't been slimed with the Gingrich swamp water yet. Get ready. Since this will all be ending with Obie back in office, how about this ticket:

Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.

Wouldn't matter which order...they could do TV spots with rifle and machine gun demonstrations, and hunting videos and pointers on cooking various venison and wild game.

At least it would raise the campaign entertainment factor. That's all the American electoral political process has become anyway.

In two years when the military comes home for good, it could do a coup, clean out congress and the courts, form a new government and finally start running things.

Then Obie could get the TV talk show he so desires on Oprah network, and Sarah and Ted could start a new outdoors and hunting channel to replace the boring ones out there now.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Have you read Seas of Thunder yet?