Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Check-In

Thank goodness it's Friday and hey, it's another three day weekend!  (We got a "snow day" Monday last week,) 

We'll get back to blathering about politics a bit on this blog next week as my boycott of the Arizona story winds up; I've not totally ignored the story but I'm just not interested in taking part in the rhetoric of blame.  I'm monitoring things, though.  I don't see any point in trying to figure out what motivated that wacko and I think by now we all now it wasn't politics per se.  He was, as best I can tell, apolitical. 

Steve and I are planning a trip to Minden on Monday to visit Milly Rose and the dogs...maybe pick up something wonderful from her antique shop.  Stay tuned for pictures!

So what's up with you?  Hey, Louisiana:  any thoughts on Edwin Edwards and his release from prison?  Our local news channel was running a poll last night asking if Edwards could run for governor again, would you vote for him?  Results?  54% to 46% YES.  Omigod.

I definitely have to take a trip to Barnes & Noble this weekend; my reading stack is about depleted.  Any suggestions? 

Have a happy Friday!


Red said...

"54% to 46% YES."

So glad we moved.

Nikki said...