Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Any Other News?

I'm glad Osama is dead, but is there any other news going on out there?  Fox News is still opening every scene change with the Alert "Breaking News" Gong and this news is over 24 hours old.

What's happening where you are?

Not exactly where I am, but four hours south of here at LSU campus, someone walked onto the campus and cut down the American flag from the flagpole, burned it, and stole the university flag.  This happened shortly after the news of Osama's fate.  Is it related?

WAFB has the whole story, including the inspiring effort to replace the flag immediately and an outpouring of concern from students.

The burned flag was replaced Monday night with a brand new one. Several students stopped by the war memorial site to witness the reposting of the American colors. It was a two-hour ordeal that involved a huge hydraulic man lift, along with lots of rope and manpower. The military marched in a ceremony to officially replace the flag just before 8 p.m.  The operation was just a temporary fix, but those who watched down below said it was imperative the symbol of freedom and sacrifice be replaced immediately.

One would have to assume the "protest" is related to the bin Laden story, but who knows.  The cowards left no message.  I hope they are found and expelled.

The flag pictures above is the new, temporary one, courtesy of WAFB.  

So, what else is happening where you are?


Charlene said...

In Louisville this week, we have gotten rain almost constantly since Sunday afternoon. At least 3 inches since May 1. We got 14 inches in April and it's rained some of every one of the last 23 out of 26 days.

Oh, by the way the Kentucky Derby is Saturday and usually we're frolicking with 10 related events a day. Lots of things are cancelled because it's so wet.

Saturday is predicted to be 76 and sunny.

On the plus side no murders between 20 something thugs have been reported lately.

Tony said...

Faux News considers a gnat farting worthy of "NEWS ALERT". What else would you expect?

MikeAT said...

Yes Tony, and CNN's Wolf Blitzer count's down to the second "In eight hours President Obama will address the nation...Seven and a half hours, President Obama addresses America...Seven hours till...."

Pat, kinda reminds of of a story from an Army ROTC buddy. He was at the University of Oklahoma when we attacked Libya back in spring of 86. The usual suspects were protesting and someone had the great idea, "Let's take the American flag down..." and they moved to the flag pole.

The University of Oklahoma football team disagreed with them and surrounded the flag pole. They said “Try it” and a few other words I won’t share on a family friendly blog. Anyway some fool decided to rush the pole...and according to my buddy “Mike, he was just surrounded by these hugh guys and you couldn’t see him...and after about a minute he was thrown through the air and landed 15 feet away.” ...“three others tried it with the same results. Then the idiots decided ‘This ain’t gonna work’, screamed a little more and left.”

Hey, freedom of expression from the linebackers of OSU!

MikeAT said...

PS: You know what did get knocked off the TV....the Royal Wedding. That is all that Fox was covering all weekend...I don't know if you have Direct TV but on the TV preview they had Royal Wedding Recap from 900pm to 11pm while Obama was reading the teleprompter. And God knows the wedding would have been on every TV station Monday morning if not for UBL being terminated.

Mark said...

North Alabama including Huntsville-Madison County is still digging through rubble from last Wednesday's (April 27) tornadoes. Many are still without power. The national media has ignored everything except Tuscaloosa, which of course was the location that Obama chose for his photo op. Why not choose a friendly crowd like a college town? Most of my friends and relatives say they had no idea that North Alabama had such record breaking tornadoes. We had an EF4 and an EF5 as well as about a dozen smaller tornadoes through here. Not a peep from the media except the locals. There are many rural areas being ignored too, but alas, we're a "red" state.

Fenway_Nation said...

Umm....Doug Flutie's daughter is now a cheerleader for the New England Patriots?

Jim said...

They have issued an arrest warrant for a student who holds dual U.S/Colombian citizenship.

Anonymous said...

The Miss. river is flooding big time. And people in South Louisiana will be put out of their homes and businesses. Another disaster and there is not much talk about that.

Pat Austin said...

Well! This is a great roundup! Thanks!

Indeed, I do love the Kentucky Derby. Is there a triple crown contender this year?

We'll be headed out to Barksdale Saturday for the air show. No Thunderbirds or Blue Angels this year. What's up with THAT?

Am looking forward to my next antiqu'ing trip to Minden next week. Treasures!

Pat Austin said...


Sorry it took so long to push your comment through; it went in the Spam folder for some dumb reason on my e-mail and I wasn't on blogger to actually check it. A million apologies.

Laurence L. said...

Great point MikeAT! :) The media didn't cover the Nashville Flood last year either. Neither did Obama but that was OK with Tennessee.

I just saw a pic of Memphis underwater. If it isn't the ObamaTV show of the day they don't care.

I thought the F-22 was going to be flying at the Air Show this weekend, but just saw a report the the fleet was ordered to Stand Down... will have to check that.

The New START treaty had the USAF giving the Russians a "display" of a B-2 in April. An American citizen can't even get close to a B-2, it's bloody classified!

There has to be some good news somewhere lately, besides in my Bible.

Laurence L. said...

Find the ones that did it, try them in court, and deport their happy asses.

No quarter.