Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take a Glassy Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden

It's funny how every time I go to see Milly Rose at Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden, which is about once a month, I see so much in her shop that I've never noticed before.

True, she's constantly bringing in new items, but on our trip yesterday I noticed a whole lot of depression glass I'd never noticed before.  Certainly it's because of my new interest in collectible glassware, but honestly, as much as I've prowled and photographed the place, you would think I'd have noticed all this glassware before.

I haven't stopped to research the patterns of any of the patterns yet, and she could just tell me in a heartbeat what they are, but I didn't ask.  There was a huge flow of customers in and out all day and I didn't want show my ignorance, anyway.  But, here's a lovely depression glass cookie jar (no lid):

I'm partial to the green and pinks in the depression glass, but she had some great amber dishes:

This pink glass bowl caught my attention and so did that pressed glass jar behind it:

It seems like everywhere I looked there was pressed glass, depression glass and carnival glass.

Pinks and greens all stacked on top of each other:

Glass everywhere.  Crystal, too.  This signed Hawkes crystal is gorgeous:

Sandwich glass:

And a Henry Clay cup plate:

And this gorgeous pressed glass pitcher:

Well, so pretty much all I could see was glass, this time.  I did notice this picture, which I liked:

And if you're into Coca-Cola collectibles, Milly has what you're looking for:

Shelves and shelves of it:

And shelves:

I wouldn't even begin to try to estimate how many Coca-Cola bottles are in there.  Every commemorative bottle you can imagine that Coca-Cola did must be in that place.  Milly told me one time that it is her goal to have one of everything in the shop.  When it comes to Coke stuff, she's done it.  There was even one of those old metal Coca-Cola ice chests sitting out but I didn't photograph it.  I remember one of those in my grandparents garage which eventually just rusted away to garbage.  Who knew it would be so valuable one day?

Here's Milly in in front of this hutch cabinet I love so much:

Do people really collect watermelon stuff?  I guess they do.  I like the bakers rack, too:

Love this piece of furniture:

How about a Winchester ammo box?

What came home with me?  This glass tray:

And this red vase which now holds a magnolia from my front yard:

Like I said, all I could see today was glass.  I guess it's because of my new interest in that sort of thing.  But, to me, that's the wonderful thing about going to Milly's - there is always, always something new to see!

If you see something, or are looking for something, give her a call.  She'll always cut you a good deal and ship it to you!  She can be found at 318.371.9830.  And if glass isn't your thing, look at my previous posts to see the variety of stuff she has in there.  About the only thing not for sale in there is the Bostons!

Previous posts can be found here.


Tina said...

Fun thing about collecting is that our interests evolve. So it is always new, and there is always something even more wonderful around the corner!

I have pink depression glass that was my Great-grandmother's, and some from my grandmother and mother. Mostly "Cherry Blossom" pattern, but some others too. I finally, just last year, got a china cabinet to display it in.

I'm not a completist, so I don't need or want every piece in a pattern. Once I have a small amount of something, I am happy. Sometimes as few as 3 or 5 of something will suffice.

If you love Depression Glass, collecting by color is a great way to start.

And if you "imbibe", some of the best bargains available right now are in Elegant Depression Glass stems of all types. And it looks like Milly has some pretty examples!

Bride Of Rove said...

I have that tray.

Pat Austin said...

@BoR: Sweet! I knew I had good taste! :)