Sunday, May 29, 2011

Take a Memorial Day Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden

On this long weekend, Steve and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden yesterday.  We'd only been a couple of weeks before so this visit was a little unscheduled for us, but it was so worth it.  One of my goals was to take a lot of pictures to replace the photos I had lost when my computer got sick last week.  I all of a sudden didn't have any pictures to use when updating Milly's Facebook page.

She had added lots of things since our last visit and while I was still focused on glassware (last time it seems that's all I was able to see...), I tried to look around with a new eye and see things I hadn't noticed before.  Milly rearranges stuff all the time and so even though you may just notice something for the first time, it's probably been there for a year. There's just so much to see it's almost overwhelming.

The shop was super busy yesterday.  In fact, I hardly had a chance to visit with Milly much because she was so busy tending to customers.   One of the things that walked out the door yesterday was that cool tabletop jukebox that I admired.  I loved that thing.

I've posted a picture like this before, but this tray of stoppers and lids continues to fascinate me.  There are two trays filled with these things sitting there.  It's great if you've got something that needs a lid or a stopper and the original was lost or broken:

Under the counters that run the length of the building on one side are these shelves that hold all types of lighting essentials.  I keep digging through these trying to find some that will work in my dining room.  My chandelier needs five glass shades and I can only find sets of four in the ones I seem to like:

And speaking of lighting, how cool is this old outdoor fixture?!  I love the beveled glass.  It's a perfect fixer-upper project!  I can just see Mike Wolfe from American Pickers picking this up and declaring it "a GREAT piece!":

There are zillions of VHS and DVD movies on the second floor; all the Disney movies seem to be there:

Need something to wear to your next PETA meeting?  Some full-length red fox, maybe?

The stairs leading to the third floor:

How about these funky table lamps?!  There are two of them.  From the 70s?

Speaking of funky furniture, what would you do with this one?

And chairs...oh my lord.  Chairs all over the third floor:

And trunks...there must be eight trunks up there:

From my new study of glassware I was able to identify these Anchor-Hocking Bubble pattern plates right off!

These "Twelve Days of Christmas" plates are adorable:

I also liked these "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day" plates from Norway:

Need a sax?  I guess that's a saxophone.  I'm not up on my musical instruments.  It's cool, though.

I love looking through these old pictures.  I know it's crazy because I don't know any of those people, but it's fun to look at them and just wonder.  There's one of these six young girls, teenagers probably, from the forties.  They're all wearing dresses or skirts and lined up one behind the other sort of at an angle, all with hand on hip, wind blowing, and laughing.  It's great.  There are also these old funeral cards in there with very maudlin pictures or drawings and information about the deceased.  There's one that looks sort of like this one but has an angel draped in sorrow over a tombstone.  (I think it's that black card behind the white pitcher, to the right).   I should photograph it next time.  Apparently they are quite collectible.

These bluebirds are pretty:

Vintage purses:

And vintage purses with gloves:

A pretty pink compote:

For the John Deere collectors, Milly has lots for you:

If you're decorating a "man-cave" and want old license plates, you can have your pick here.  An entire basket of old license plates from all over the country:

I really love this old smoking table but I have no idea what I'd do with it.

I'm channeling Mike Wolfe again with these mechanical toys:

In the linens area I thought this baby quilt was cute:

And I loved this tea towel:

For my friend Crystal, let me assure you that Mickey is all over this place:

...hiding in corners...

...and in the windows:

I'm thinking this chair could be a weekend fix-it-up project.  You could easily make a round seat cushion in whatever fabric and have an adorable chair for the kitchen or even a vanity.  I, however, am not crafty.

I'll stop here.  I'm holding some photos back for the Facebook page, so be sure to "Like" Second Hand Rose Antiques on Facebook.  Remember, give Milly a call at 318.371.9830) if you see something you need, or if you live close, drive on over.  She's there six days a week (closed on Sunday) and everything is always on sale! 

You can plan your trip to Webster Parish with the help of this Louisiana Life article (which mentions Milly's store, briefly.)

I'll leave you with possibly the strangest thing I saw yesterday.  A poodle pin.  It's furry.

Steve said it looks like "a dead chick."  It doesn't.  Really.  
Previous tours, here.


Clint said...

That instrument is a bass clarinet

sheryl said...

i'm no expert on antiques but i think the funky piece of furniture is a plant stand. i've seen them before...i think at aunt alice's or aunt mary's homes w/ african violets on the little round shelves. the shelf isn't big enough for a large plant but a collection of violets fits nicely.

i was also going to identify the clarinet but someone else did. i played the clarinet in the school band and when i was in high school, i got to play the school's bass clarinet.

the lamp w/ the flouncy shade looks older than the 70's. i'd guess 50's??? but like i said, i'm not an expert.

Zilla/MJ said...

Wow, those are wonderful pictures, I could easily spend a day or three looking at stuff there! Thanks for sharing, it's all very cool. That little table with all the little tabletops sticking out from the sides - I don't know what it's called but my grandparents had one and they used it to hold their houseplants. Picture it with a little plant on every level in a sunny corner of your home. Thanks for the nostalgia, I'm remembering some neat stuff from my childhood now. :)

Tina said...

*giggle* That poodle pin is made of REAL MINK! I think I bought one for my mother for Christmas one year when I was little. I'm sure she was as delighted with it as she was with the 25 cent tiny bottle of Blue Waltz perfume I got her the year before. Like all good moms everywhere though, she pretended it was just what she wanted! LOL!

Tina said...

sheryl, I think you are right about those lamps. They look 1950s to me too - they went with that maple Early American Style furniture that was so popular.

Anonymous said...

Hehe.... That is a bass clarinet :) .. Not a saxophone ..... Yay im a band geek ...... Its a fun instrument to play... Lovely pics