Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rush and the Double Entendre

Rush Limbaugh says Weiner-Gate is "hard to swallow."  Oh my.

You know he had to say something.  He says he's befuddled by the whole thing because he simply doesn't tweet. 

"What if as the girl claims Weiner has 'a small problem'"?

"Is he giving his constituents the shaft?"

Oh my.


Rush says he wasn't up to date on Weiner-Gate until today.  "It does not warrant top of the program interest to me."

"When you have the mindset that they're all depraved, it's not news to me...I don't have time to be distracted like this."

True enough.

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robot said...

rotfl - I usually listen to Rush but I missed this one. Thanks for the laugh.
Hope you had a good holiday.
God bless the troops!