Monday, May 23, 2011

A Pox on All Computer Viruses

My laptop picked up a virus last night which wiped out all my desktop icons and my libraries.  I have no photos and no documents.  I did a System Restore after getting rid of the virus and got my icons back, but no libraries.  Tbe "Restore Default Libraries" did not do one thing for me.  So, after school today I'm dropping the thing off at Merlins because if anyone has a chance of restoring the contents of those folders, it will be them.  They may be gone forever, but he'll at least get me up and running again.

It's an expense I didn't need.

We're closing school this week.  Finals today and tomorrow and then the endless reams of paperwork and documentation begin.  We have inservice Wednesday and then I'm done.  It's been a hard year; many of us feel this year has been tougher than most.  Stakes are so much higher now.  And pressure.  It's been a combination of factors, but I'll absolutely sock the first person who comes up to me and says, "Oh what a cushy job you have!  You get the whole summer off!"  Ka-Pow!


Dave Lucas said...

Sorry to hear about your lappie. Would you mind sharing details (when you know more) about what kind of virus attacked and how you think it might have found its way onto your computer? I hate viruses with eXtreme PaSsion! Good luck, I hope you can recover.

sheryl said...

there's a quote about education i'm sure you've heard. something like "those who can, teach. those who can't, make laws about teaching."

Andy said...

Pat, that sucks. Of course, this is of no help now...but, did you really not have Carbonite? I mean, it's less than five bucks a month. I had it when my last 'puter took every bit of three or four clicks, and about an hour to recover everything on the new machine.

Who did I read about the other day that has a free cloud storage? Was it Yahoo, maybe? I'd sure check in to it if I were you. Because, eventually it IS going to happen to all of us.

Hopefully you'll get it all back, and when you do...get online storage, young lady!

Charlene said...

I agree with Andy. I use Carbonite and you can set it to run in the background so you don't even have to rmemeber to do backups. It's even cheaper if you buy more than year subscription.

Experience is a bitch and after having lost a 10,000 record database backing up has always been what I do. I've used 5 1/4" & 3 1/2" diskettes, cassette tape drive backups, CD's, DVD's, external hard drives and Carbonite is the best. Be sure to store your retrieval passwords off the computer and you can easily restore when you need to.

Bride Of Rove said...

External Hard Drive and set your windows back up to run nightly. Sorry to hear about the virus.

Pat Austin said...

It was my own fault; I was Googling something and clicked on something I didn't know.

I didn't have a whole lot on there yet (fairly new laptop) so I lost mostly a bunch of pictures of trips to the antique store. Nothing fatal.

The teenager lost some English papers.

And yeah, I'm absolutely going to do the external hard drive thing when I get up and running. I did that on my desktop until the desktop died. It's still unplugged sitting in the dark until I decide if it's worth fixing. It's pretty old. Probably going to let that one go.