Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cabinet

We went to Coushatta today to pick up the china cabinet Steve bought for me last weekend.  His friend, Larry, came over in his truck and we all drove down there to get it.  Since our last visit it turns out that someone has come in this week and bought the entire inventory (the store is closing, remember) and so it seems my timing was perfect in finding this cabinet!

Steve and Larry wrapped the thing in blankets, wrestled it into the back of the truck, and we drove very carefully all the way home.  Because three sides are glass, and the door is bent glass, I was terrified.  But we made it safely and got it inside.

I've spent the afternoon cleaning and loading the thing.  First the Murphy's Oil Soap to to strip off any grime, then lots of Old English, inside and out.  That wood just soaked the oil up.  Every square centimeter got the oil treatment.  Then the glass.

Oh lord, the glass.  My OCD personality spent an hour cleaning the glass inside and out.  Trust me, there's not a single streak to be found.

Then I loaded it up.  Here we go before (in the shop):

and after:

As you can see, I haven't left a lot of room to grow and collect.  It's pretty full now.  In fact, I left out quite a bit.  I can squeeze in some things, but I don't want to over crowd. 

As I was cleaning the glass, Milly called.  I promised her we'd come to Minden tomorrow and see her new pretties and maybe pick up a little something to go in my cabinet.  Only four of those things in that cabinet now came from Milly's.  Most of the rest was inherited.  I have a pair of Stevens and Williams vases at my mother's that will go in here in a day or two.  I'm terrified to move them:

I'm looking forward to Milly's tomorrow; when my computer picked up that virus this week, I I lost all my shop photos.  Since I'm the admin for her Facebook page, I've got to get more photos! 

My work today is done and it's time for a beer. 


sheryl said...

love the cabinet!

steve said...

I think the cabinet was meant to be yours.

Steve Burri said...

With all that work involved in choosing and preparing a cabinet, it is no wonder President Obama prefers czars!

Pat Austin said...

@burri - LMAO!