Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten More Days

We have 2 more weeks of school; ten more days with kids, and one in-service day.  Blogging is likely to be sketchy here for the next couple of weeks while I close out the school year.  I brought work home last night and worked until 8:00 just trying to get caught up!  Meanwhile, we're still killing Julius Caesar and I'm struggling to keep students focused and motivated.  On top of all that, there are numerous necessary administrative paperwork requirements and requests that come this time of year.

This school year has been one of the most challenging since I started teaching fifteen years ago and I'm not completely sure why that is.  I have an idea about some contributing factors, but it's definitely a combination of issues.  It's frustrating when you want to teach and you want to motivate and you're met with apathy by so many.  Improving student motivation will be a huge goal of mine going forward.

Aside from that, we're planning a trip to Milly's this weekend and that will boost my spirits!  I'll certainly be posting about that this weekend.  Meanwhile, the political world is all about bin Laden or the debt ceiling and I'm over both of those topics for now. 

Newt is running.  Do you care?


Charlene said...

No body cares what Newt is doing and he doesn't even care unless it's going to give him more money.

lady di said...

I commend you and hope your motivational skills will be put to good use. It is about the same in life after school.
As far as Newt, I am still waiting for someone who could actually win for the Republican party, and the country, to join the race.

Pat said...

Newt is part of the Republican problem - he's old school, "give in to get along" type. No, no and no.

MikeAT said...

As far as school, So are they all, all honourable men...and women.

As far as Newt if he was the Gingrich of the 94 election that is one thing....but he is right now damaged goods. Although I would pay money to see him and Obama in a debate...Gingrich would wipe the floor with him.

Tina said...

Newt? What Pat said (that was quite eloquent too)@May 10, 2011 1:00 PM : "No, no and no."