Monday, January 18, 2010

John Kerry Tries His Hand at Fear-Mongering

And so it goes. Is this what we can anticipate as the 2010 mid-terms get underway?

John Kerry, it is reported, is blaming "Sarah Palin" and "tea baggers" for Martha Coakley's staggering drop in the polls in what he hopes will be a match under the pants of Democrats for tomorrow's election.

Via The Corner, "Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) thinks Scott Brown’s rallies in the Bay State are “reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin’s 2008 campaign rallies,” the Boston Globe is reporting.

There's more:

This wasn’t Kerry’s first evocation of a frenzied right-wing movement offering something like illicit support to Scott Brown. In a fundraising e-mail sent to Coakley supporters today, Kerry said “tea baggers” are “revved up…at the thought of hijacking health care reform and every chance we have at making progress in Washington.”

Nor is it the senator’s his first use of Palin as bogeywoman. In a December mailing, Kerry asked supporters to “imagine what Washington would look like if a bunch of new senators – inspired by Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd – took over.”

This is what they did with the NY-23 race - blamed "the tea baggers."

If liberals can't defend their own message they attack the other side. Threatened by the conservative values of Palin, frightened by the awakening conservative movement, and unable to change the course of the anger the growing majority of Americans feel at the far-left liberal agenda taking over American politics since the election of Barack Obama, liberals resort to name calling: tea baggers.

Sarah Palin - ooooo! Scary!

John Kerry calling Sarah Palin rallies "dangerous" is incredible. Who were those people at Palin rallies? Parents with special needs children in tow. Working mothers. Conservatives. Working Americans. Teenagers (anybody felt threatened by Jackie Seal lately?)

I'd take issue with Kerry on another point, too. The popularity of Scott Brown is not entirely about his potential vote toward shutting down Obamacare. It could have something to do with the fact that Martha Coakley has imploded and run a terrible campaign. While many people are certainly voting FOR Scott Brown, I'd say there are a fair share voting AGAINST Martha Coakley.

How dare the ultimate elitist Kerry point and wag his finger at conservatives, at Scott Brown, at any of us, and try to spark fear in voters of the conservative movement.

Kerry asks us to “imagine what Washington would look like if a bunch of new senators – inspired by Sarah Palin and the tea party crowd – took over.” I think that's exactly what people are doing. And they like what they see.

Go Scott Brown! Godspeed!

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