Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tales From The Arctic Blast of 2010

When I got up today it was 37 degrees and now it's fallen to 31, which will be considered "toasty" by the time the cold front moves through. Cold for us down here, but nothin' compared to my friends in the north and midwest!

Since they canceled school today I'm taking advantage of the time to do a little cooking for the next couple of days. Right now I'm sipping some hot tea and boiling a ham hock so I can cooks some greens for tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll have greens and smothered pork chops. I've also got a rich beef stew going in the slow cooker for tonight.

When I went to the store this morning to get the greens, the lady that checked me out told me yesterday it was like Y2K all over again; people flooded the store like a blizzard was coming. She said, "You can blame the media for that!" True enough. It's their job to keep people informed and to give information on how to protect pipes and plants, I suppose, but is it necessary to scare the bejeezus out of people and send them all to Home Depot for generators?

It just seems an over reaction to me. Some of the comments on the Shreveport Times website are indicative of the fact that lots of other people think so too.

Ah well! I'll enjoy my tea, my dogs, and the smell of beef stew emanating from the kitchen. Keep warm where ever you are!

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Chrisknits said...

Our schools were canceled, even though there was only 1 inch on the ground at school time. Sure, we got a few more inches through the day, but the roads are basically clear on the major thoroughfares. It's the hill terrain and neighborhoods that are the problem. And now they are even scaring us with no school tomorrow. Cause the wet roads will freeze tonight and be ice tomorrow. So? Let the buses run 2 hours late and allow the roads to thaw. Sheesh! A bunch of pansy we have here in Southern Indiana.