Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Love for O'Keefe in NOLA

Weighing in on the James O'Keefe arrest, let me just second Michelle Malkin's words and say that they are innocent until proven guilty; that said, it doesn't look good.

One of the men arrested along with O'Keefe is the son of the U.S. Attorney Bill Flanagan here in Shreveport. He was contacted by our local news station for comment but did not return their calls. He did, however, confirm to WWLTV in New Orleans that the Robert Flanagan arrested is, in fact, his son.

I'm curious why O'Keefe and friends thought it would be a good idea to tamper with a Senator's telephone. Even the most rudimentary among us knows that is a felony. What in the world could have been worth the risk. I don't want to speculate too much until more is known, but it does boggle the mind.

Allahpundit has the legal aspect here, in which he points out that O'Keefe and his buddies could be looking at ten years. Yikes!

Given that O'Keefe is already looking at lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Maryland over the ACORN sting, I can't believe he thought this would be a good idea.

I'll stay on the local angle and see what there is to be found. New Orleans isn't THAT far down the road....! Keep an eye on The Dead Pelican as well - you never know what Chad Rogers will dig up!


Chris M. said...

Rather difficult to discern exactly what is going on here. I'd like to see Breitbart man up and go the kid's bail. Regardless of what he's done in the past, if he truly intended what they allege and they can prove it he should pay the price. Only a progressive would give him a lifetime pass just because he was once on the side of the angels.
If everyone involved is honest and fearless, giving the kid some support might be the best thing. If he doesn't get that support, young people who might be considering doing something along the lines of what O'Keefe did with ACORN would be less likely to take many chances if it becomes obvious that a head fake from Holder's FBI can render you very alone and very out in the rain. Also, if the kid is truly a criminal, support from the conservative community coupled with encouragement to accept responsibility for his actions can only be a win win. Also Breitbart's involvement would tend to increase public awareness of the ACORN scandal that they seem to have pretty much walked away from so far.

Chris M. said...

I was out of line and wrong to say that Breitbart should man up. I retract that and apologize.
I really have no evidence to indicate that Breitbart is doing anything but the right thing. Any evidence I have about him would actually suggest that he is probably looking everything over, thinking deeply and is willing to take any sensible risks.