Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Regular Programming

I'm back at work now - we had inservice today and the kids come tomorrow so my blogging will be light for a day or two.  Some quick links to check out:

On Obama's recess appointments - check out Doug Ross:

In other words, through his blatantly lawless activities, the President has initiated a Constitutional crisis.

And we all know that if a Republican President had even publicly considered this option, legacy media would be beating the war-drums for impeachment.

It's high time the clueless John Boehner and Mitch McConnell started playing hardball. Real hardball. Impeachment-style hardball. Heaven knows, there are enough charges to impeach five or six presidents at this point.

This is a big deal, folks, but you won't likely hear much about it from the legacy media.  If there's a Republican candidate worth his salt he'll take this drum and bang it through the election.

Professor Jacobson has something to say about the appointments as well.

Speaking of elections, check out Pundette's coverage of Rick Perry's indecision; and ironically, it's the second reference to "Casey at the Bat" that I've heard today (on totally unrelated stories).

Stacy McCain had terrific coverage of the caucuses last night. 

Obama felt the need to speak to Iowa Democrats last night in a weirdly sketchy video feed; he's trying to reinvigorate his base from four years ago:

"[O]ne of the things that we learned four years ago was that when people at grassroots level are getting involved and they're getting engaged, and they're feeling empowered and they're joining hands with each other -- that's a powerful force," the president said.

A group at "grassroots level" is empowering and wonderful as long as they're for him; if it's the Tea Party, well, that's something else again...

Donald Douglas has his own ideas about Michele Bachmann's collapse.

Hang in there.  I'm busy getting to know 65 new sophomores and teaching them the lay of the land in room M205, but I'll be back online shortly.


Sarah said...

I wish someone like Rush or Palin would endorse Perry. I know they won't, but a girl can dream.

This is going to be gross, but the more of him I see the more in love with him I fall, and it's been really hard for me to get excited about any politician lately. I didn't like him when he entered the race and before that, but he just seems like a really cool guy who has good ideas and will do what is right the country. He seems to really believe in everything he says, whether it's his religion, patriotism or his love for the people of Texas...he's just more genuine and authentic than I ever imagined he would be. OK, like I said, this is gross. Maybe I need to make my own blog post. :-)

Tina said...

Wow, his hairdresser is going to have his hair completely white by the time November gets here. The gray seems to come and go, depending on the event. It started about the time his campaign started, but now the presidential dressers seem to be speeding up the timeline (or the hairline, so to speak. heh).

Have fun with school this week!

Anonymous said...

More people on the welfare dole is more power to the Democrats. As I've heard before, in America it now the people who work for a living versus the people who vote for a living.

Tony said...

Reagan, Bush (un), Clinton, and Bush (deux)all made more recess appointments than Obama. (But I'm sure you were always up-in-arms over those, too.) Get your facts straight.

Pat Austin said...

Did you miss the fact that the Senate is not actually in recess? That part is kind of important.

Tony said...

Gaveling in/out for seven seconds is a farce. But go ahead...see how SCOTUS views it.

The efficacy (or lack thereof) of the Republican "leadership" is nearly as comical as their nominating process.