Saturday, January 14, 2012

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Good Friends, Good Times Edition

We're lounging around today just watching football and snacking on football-watching-food;  the Saints are having a tough time with the 49ers.  The second half just started.  Mr. SIGIS yells at the TV a lot when we watch sports.  The World Series nearly did him in.

We went to Hangar 2 on base last night; it was a light crowd (holiday weekend) so our DJ friend, Larry, played lots of Jerry Jeff Walker for us in anticipation of our February date to see him.  It's a nice bar, Hangar 2, and one of those places where we have good friends and have good times.  That's our "bar-guard," Joy, pictured left.  She makes a mean beef Thai salad! 

That said, we were home early and I got up this morning, hit a couple of estate sales, then went to my mom's.  The rest of the day has been fairly lazy. 

Let's look at some links:

We'll start off with my currently featured blog, Andy's Place.  I can't explain why but his latest video made me laugh until I nearly cried.  Goofy as shit!  I loved it so much I even made Mr. SIGIS watch it and he laughed too. 

Doug Ross has Obama's new campaign poster.

Legal Insurrection's Saturday Night Card game is up.

American Power has video of Liz Cheney blasting Obama's defense cuts.

Smitty has a little video of John Wayne on liberals.  Stacy McCain thinks it's time for Rick Perry to get out of the race.

Fuzzy is on a rant and reminds us all to keep our focus.

Pirate's Cove has a bleak outlook for all those green ventures.

Althouse celebrates 8 years.

Bride of Rove is reading Steyn's After America has has thoughts.

Reaganite Republican ponders the consequences of a third-party run.

Pundette explains Stephanopoulous's strange obsession with contraceptives at the NH debate.

Ed Driscoll has a totally depressing post about a world with no bookstores or video stores. 

Sarah continues to live with a black cloud above her but manages to make it hilarious all the same.

And that's a wrap.  The Saints are stressing me out.  Here's a little Jerry Jeff Walker for you: love this song:


Donald Douglas said...

Linked: Britain's Iron Lady.

Andy said...

Pat, thanks for the link, and I'm glad you enjoyed my foolishness.

Mr. SGIS had a different story about his take on it, though...

The thing is, I REALLY DO watch LSU football that way. I failed to pull us through, though...miserably.

I suck.

Bride Of Rove said...

Gracias for the link! Haooy MLK day.