Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank You Senator Peacock!

Back in October I endorsed Barrow Peacock for Louisiana Senate 37 in his race against term limited Rep. Jane Smith and I took some heat on this blog for it in the comments:

Thankfully, people do not take stock in what a low traffic blogger has to say about politics. Your bias against Representative Smith discredits you as a viable source of anything other then ignorant opinions.

I have to say, we at SIGIS enjoyed the give and take on that one!  (It got worse from there.)  Heh! 

 Mr. Peacock won that race and this week he showed his constituents why we voted for him.  He was the lone vote against John Alario for Senate president.

John Alario has served as an elected politician for 41 years now;  thirty-seven of those years he served as a Democrat until he decided it would be politically expedient to switch to Republican.  I wrote about Governor Jindal's outrageous support of Alario in late October.

John Alario was quite open at the time of his party switch about the fact that the switch was motivated by political expediency.

From my American Thinker article in November:

Alario was elected to the House in 1972, was term-limited in 2007, and decided to run for the Senate.  His primary goal was to serve as Senate president.  As Alario said:
"Whether I'm a Democrat or Republican or the Whig party, I'd like to be president of the Senate," Alario said. Switching parties "certainly plays into the politics of the situation ... it doesn't hurt to be in that party."

If this happens, Alario will become the second politician in Louisiana history to be president of both chambers, but to attain that objective, he needed to change parties, after 37 years, from Democrat to Republican.
At any rate, the election has come to pass.  Alario has been elected and as demanded by his constituents, Senator Barrow Peacock was the lone vote against him:
The lone vote against Alario was cast by Sen. Barrow Peacock, R-Shreveport. He said after the housekeeping legislative session at the inauguration that he promised his conservative district during the campaign that he would vote against Alario. "It was a campaign issue in District 37," Peacock said.

Senator Peacock chose to stand up against career politicians and the good ol' boy system.  

The only question now is will he be punished with a sorry committee assignment or ostracized by the system?  

SIGIS thanks Senator Peacock for his courage in taking a stand and for honoring his promises.  This is the kind of politician we need - one who recognizes he is a public servant, not there to feed from the taxpayer trough for 41+ years. 


Jim said...

Hey 'Low Traffic', that was a good pick. I think he will not disappoint, sure started out right.

Anonymous said...

That is what we need from our elected official. If something is wrong, don't vote for it. Good for Peacock. Jane Smith would have voted for Jindal's pick.

NLB said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, SIGIS. I may not always agree with Senator Peacock, but I do greatly respect any politician that keeps his word.

Tibby said...

This is what the Tea Party is all about. You start locally, vote in someone who really listens to his constituents, and continue this action across the board. If they don't listen to what we want, than vote them out. Period. Rinse and repeat.

lady di said...

Being a low traffic blog and also a Tea Party trouble maker, I salute you and am a strong believer in term limits for all government not just the presidential office

Anonymous said...

Didn't vote for Peacock but I admire his courage. Now we'll just have to sit back and see what the fall-out from his vote will be for northwest Louisiana. I've voted for Jindal twice and still think that, overall, he has been a good governor for Louisiana. But, his support Alario and early endorsement of Rick Perry has left me "scratching my head".