Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to Stick My Head in the Oven

Okay so we all saw Perry's big announcement today coming.  You can't hang around in last place in the polls for too long before you become a drain on the whole system.  I hate that Perry's bid played out the way that it did but what are you going to do?  Wasn't his time.

Perry had improved a great deal since those first debates but maybe it was too little too late.  I think also that too many people listened to Rick Perry and heard George W. Bush and they just aren't over Bush yet.  Although I still think history will redeem Bush in the end.  Somewhat.

So where to go from here?

Pundette has gone to Rick Santorum.   Stacy McCain has been with Rick Santorum since Herman Cain dropped out.  Legal Insurrection is still with Newt.

I don't know where I'm going right now.

To be honest, I just don't like any of them.  I don't.

How can the Republican establishment have farked this up so badly?  That's a rhetorical question - you don't have to answer it.  It's because they're the Republican establishment.  All this PR about "we really do have a strong field of candidates" is just crap.  I don't even want to begin listing my grievances with these candidates.  Not enough time and it's all been said. 

Is it too late to get Michele Bachmann back?

I suspect that the Democrats are more afraid of Newt than anyone else and you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want to but I think that's in part what pulled Marianne Gingrich back into the limelight.   I don't think Team Obama wants to debate Newt.

And when in the hell did debating skills become a prerequisite for running for president, anyway?  Speaking skills are important but so is executive experience, intelligence, foreign policy knowledge and experience, business acumen, character, integrity, and honor.

Coming into this election I've always said that "a dust bunny could beat Obama," because WTF is he going to run on?  His record?  His job killing, debt hiking, food stamp raising, partisan, scandal ridden record?  Seriously

But here's the Republican establishment about to hand it right back to him.

I'm going to stick my head in the oven.  Maybe there's a beer in there.  And a match.

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Steve Burri said...

Not to fear, Blogosphere! Pat has an electric stove.

Randy-g said...


Chris said...

"Debating skill" is pretty much all Obama's got. It's how he was elected in 2008 - soaring rhetoric. So naturally the MSM, always in the tank for the Democrats, emphasizes our candidates' lack of debating skills.

Barring that, they go for scorched earth mud slinging.

Quite Rightly said...

Santorum's from a coal mining and oil & nat gas drilling state and he considers the global warming scam to be a fraud--that would translate into drill, baby, drill, and all that goes with it: retraction of taxpayer-funded green rip-off subsidies, affordable power, reduced dependency on foreign oil, improved balance of trade, and an all-out economic revival. I might even be able to remove my fingerless gloves while working in my office in winter. Santorum also is no fan of Shariah. Those two positions alone cover a multitude of annoyances for me.

I very much doubt that Obama would have the nerve to face Newt in a debate. How could the Dems defend their Obama the Great Orator hype? As president, though, Newt could use his rhetorical skills to plant a few seeds of gumption where they are sorely needed. Although it's difficult to predict what direction Newt might take, it's pretty clear that he won't be attempting to follow Obama's footprints. Newt is an historian. He'll be wanting to do something worthy of history books, and it won't be "Let's destroy the US of A."


Pat Austin said...

I don't. I have a vintage Chambers range. Gas.

Anonymous said...

If the candidate can't win against Obama, it doesn't matter what their policies or personal history is.

Now - once they've won, you're left with two choices: somebody who's going to "go along" because it's easier - they might tweak this or that, but if they did more than that, they'd be accused of being "unreasonable" or "difficult".

Or you pick a candidate who's actually going to do more than put band-aids on a sucking chest wound. Lotta people in DC are going to get pissed off if Obamacare is revoked and the budget is balanced - they're making all their money off of the current system. Does the candidate you're backing have the emotional strength to put up with that level of hostility for 4 years?

I know a CEO who does turnarounds - he says companies get f-ed up because everybody makes the 'easy' decisions instead of the RIGHT decisions. He comes in for a couple of years, does all the things everybody's been saying for years should be done, gets the company back in the black. And after 2 years, everyone hates him for doing the right thing, and the hire a new CEO who will make everyone feel good by doing the easy things...

We need a turnaround CEO like my friend.

Anonymous said...

Obama will be reelected unless Romney is his opponent. Romney may have a chance. None of the others do.