Monday, January 16, 2012

Leaves and Acorns

<------- is what I did yesterday and today.  I raked up 17 bags of leaves (and acorns), filled two trashcans with sticks, pruned three crape myrtle trees and blew of the driveway twice.

As I was raking today the acorns were falling so fast it sounded like popcorn in a microwave.   Like hail hitting the cars.


Time for a beer.


Andy said...

Same around here. The trees made more leaves last year. Trust me, they did.

And, acorns out the wazoo, too.

The old folks always said that lots of acorns was a sign of a REALLY HARD WINTER ahead.

Not that I'm doubting old folks, but...

Steve Burri said...

Pat, that picture gives the image of Occupy Shreveport!

This time of year, you rake, we shovel!