Saturday, January 21, 2012

In a Funk

I've been in a funk. 

It's not that I thought Rick Perry was a Perfect Candidate - he wasn't.  It's not that I thought he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan.  He definitely wasn't.

I'm just out of sorts with the process.  When Rick Perry dropped out only Iowa and New Hampshire had voted.  By the time Louisiana gets around to voting, we'll likely be down to just two candidates.  90% of the country won't get to vote for the candidate they want but will have to chose from the candidate a handful of states have deemed worthy. 

Oh, I know, national polls and all that.  I'm still just in a funk because I don't like any of the remaining candidates.  I'll get over it. 

If you are interested in the South Carolina primary, Stacy McCain is running some great coverage over there at The Other McCain, even if he is drinking a Blue Moon.

As for me, I engaged in some estate sale therapy to ease my woes.  There was an estate sale in an old year 1921 home on Kings Highway today that was filled with gorgeous heavy antique furniture.  I wasn't in the market for any of that but I picked up this pretty jadeite candy dish:

I love the creamy green color of jadeite.  It's be great filled with chocolate covered espresso beans! 

I also got this neat framed Remington print "Fight for the Waterhole."  It'll look good in Steve's man-cave:

I also got a neat white and blue enamelware square piece with a lid.  It's seen better days but I thought it was unusual and I wanted it:

It's about six or seven inches square. 

My shopping didn't get me completely out of my funk but maybe the voters in South Carolina will cheer me up a little.  I'm not sure how, but maybe. 

Mittens in third place might do the trick.


Beth said...

I'm in a funk over Perry, too. Mittens coming in third would be nice, although it makes me ill that I have to vote AGAINST Dear Leader, as opposed to voting FOR a candidate that I can actually support.

BTW...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the candy dish!

Tina said...

The crappiest part is, as you said, whatever candidates we end up with will have been "elected" by Iowa and New Hampshire. That's not how it is supposed to work.

I'm so discouraged I've nearly thrown up my hands. Back to real life and praying. And trying to think about anything but politics...

LOVE that jadeite dish! You lucky girl - good find! Jadeite just never goes out of style, either. Like blue willow, it's always gorgeous.

Tony said...

So how has the GOP nominated candidates in the past? Are you arguing that the Iowa/NH/SC sequence is something novel?? Just face's going to be either Clown A, Clown B, or Clown C. (and Clown D may be allowed to run as VP candidate).

Grow up, you knuckleheads...(or just keep "praying" that Reagan falls like manna from "heaven" to save the day)

Donald Douglas said...

Where'd you get this "Tony" guy?

Sorry about Perry, Pat. I think he had some rough spots in the debates and was unable to come back. I think he would have made a fine president but it wasn't to be. And actually, the primaries are working the way they should be. We don't always get who we like, but I think this year the number of debates has been good for the process. They've minimize the "king maker" roll of the MSM.

Not Tony said...

Don't know who Tony is but I imagine an overweight twenty something year old sitting in his mother's basement in his stained underwear and eating Twinkies and Cheetoes and drinking Pepsi. The lack of exercise poor diet , and long greasy hair has caused severe acne. I don't know, he may not be anything like this, but chances are...