Saturday, January 7, 2012

Did Rush Limbaugh Endorse Rick Perry?

Did Rush Limbaugh come close to endorsing Rick Perry yesterday? 

You be the judge:

Let me tell you something, folks: I wouldn't have one ounce of doubt about Rick Perry. I've been hoping Rick Perry would catch fire, but I have people in my sphere who don't want to vote for Perry (and largely they're women) because he sounds too much like Bush.
Not an endorsement but darned close. 

Limbaugh cites Perry's record in Texas and his tax policy as pluses, and insists debating skills and "electability" should have nothing to do with picking the most conservative candidate we can.

By the way, it's debate night again.  I'll be covering the debate here.


Sarah said...

I wish he would, but he's said stuff like that all along about him, Santorum and Bachmann. Rush seems to be all about the Newt as far as I can tell (I've listened daily for the last month and a half).

RSS Ronald Reagan said...

I heard Rush say this the other day, and thought the same thing: "You can say you're not endorsing anyone, Rushbo...but this sounds awful close to one."

I'm honestly a little surprised too. Perry's never really caught fire for me. In his defense, however, I have to say that his performance in tonight's NH debate thus far has been a MAJOR improvement.