Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's Time For an Intervention for E.J. Dionne

E.J. Dionne is delusional.  There is no other explanation.

In his latest column, titled "Can A Messiah Win Twice" (gag bucket, please...), Dionne ponders the likelihood of Obama's re-election:

Most Americans still believe that Obama inherited rather than caused the economic turmoil. Barring another crisis in Europe, there is a decent chance of somewhat better times by Election Day.

Obama's fall offensive against Republicans in Congress has paid dividends. Voters seem inclined to blame Washington's dysfunction on the GOP, not on a president they still rather like. Most also think Obama's foreign policy has put the nation on a steadier course.


Where to start?

"Obama's foreign policy has put the nation on a steadier course." 

Yes, the shoot to kill drone program has netted us so much new intelligence!  Oh wait....

Most Americans, I think, recognize and are disgusted by Obama's fawning, bowing, apologies to dictators and his alienation of our allies.

Most Americans would be disgusted by his embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood and the news this week that Obama is aligning with Qaradawi to negotiate (read "surrender") with the Taliban.  He's preparing to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate political party.

Most Americans are disgusted by his lack of support for Israel.

Most Americans were repulsed by Obama's failure to support (until forced to make a statement) Iranians protesting a stolen election and who wanted democracy even when they were shot down in the streets by mullah enforcers.

Most Americans were stunned by Obama's complete and utter failure in Egypt.  Egypt has now replaced a pro-American regime with an anti-American one.  Again, he's aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

There's much more fisking to be done on Mr. Dionne's piece, especially on the economic portion, but frankly, I'm getting nauseous. 

Clearly Obama still has plenty of fawning sycophants in the media.

Oh, and for the record, Dionne is betting that Obama gets re-elected.  Bwahahahahahaaa!


MikeAT said...

One thing that disgust me is after we killed OBL he wasted no time in announcing it to the world and basically claiming all the credit. The intelligence that could have been gained by the exploitation of the information in that compound is unreal. But he wanted a Bin Laden bump.

What's really funny is do you know who is the adult supervision in this group? Joe Bite-Me and Mrs Bill Clinton.

God, how did the country ever get this bad off.

Kartman said...

I am worried that Obama may be reelected because so many people believe everything they hear on msnbc and other liberal outlets. The media in general is clearly on his side and will do a job on the republican candidate who runs against him.

I agree with Mike. Our country is very bad off and getting worse. God help us.

Anonymous said...

When you say "most Americans," I think you mean most people you know or talk to.

You may end up like the hippie who was shocked that Nixon won because "everybody I know voted for McGovern."