Monday, January 2, 2012

Jimmy Carter Redux

Victor Davis Hanson on what may come in 2012:

The result, I think, may be that in this coming year we will see a new boldness among Islamic forces in North Africa; China will show the flag far nearer to Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea; some independent-minded former Soviet Republics will be forced to move closer to Russia; Turkey won’t worry too much whether it overflies Greek or Cypriot airspace — or worse; Iran will test a missile or do something stupider; North Korea may resume its now-and-then shelling of the south; and Lebanon and the West Bank will heat up again — all on the impression that either the U.S. doesn’t much care, does care but is too broke or weary to do much about it, or beneath its public warning harbors some quiet sympathies for such “corrections” in a prior flawed global order.

It should be required reading for anyone considering a vote for Obama.  That and a history class.

Read the whole thing.

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