Friday, December 18, 2009

210 - 6 = 204

New this morning is that six of the Yemeni detainees at Gitmo will be released to their home country and the Washington Post reports that this is "a transfer that could be a prelude to the release of dozens more detainees to Yemen, according to sources with independent knowledge of the matter."

Nearly one hundred of the remained detainees at Gitmo are Yemenis. The Post reports that the transfer will be "closely monitored" and if it is successful, meaning, I suppose, if they don't return to active jihad against us, that more will follow. Given that this White House can't properly manage security for a State Dinner, I'm not sure how much confidence I have in their ability to monitor six Yemeni terrorists.

In related Gitmo news, Andrew McCarthy has posted two spot on articles this week regarding the Thomson, Illinois transfer.

Yesterday's article makes the point that it's not Gitmo that causes terrorism, despite what the Obama administration would have us believe. Today, he explains how terrorists could, in fact, be released into the United States from Thomson:

Nevertheless, Durbin is being disingenuous — doubly disingenuous, in fact. First, the principal fear is no longer that the Obama administration will try to free the terrorists and relocate them here. It is that the federal courts will order the release of the detainees. And second, the senator’s brave assurance that if “a detainee is found not guilty, he will not be released inside the United States” is a smokescreen. As he well knows, most of the Gitmo terrorists are not going to be found guilty or found not guilty — they’re not going to be tried at all.

Be sure to read them both.

The fact is, this administration cares little for national security and has demonstrated that over and over and over again from their attacks on the CIA to bringing terrorists to American soil. It doesn't matter where these detainees are held! Nobody can be so naive to believe that simply bringing them to a new prison will change how the Islamofascists view Americans. They won't suddenly call a truce on us because we've closed Guantanamo.

They won't even call a truce on us for leaking detainees from Gitmo to various countries around the world. Six here, four there, ten there, one over there.... In fact, many of those will return to war against us. I'm sure they have no bitter feelings, right?

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Red said...

Then I'm sure authorities will have a problem when Americans start dealing with these terrorists on their own thanks to Obama: "Gun Salesman of the Year". Keep your powder dry folks!